Tuesday, December 28, 2010

the haunted DREAM

Today is 29th of December. I am running towards the stop sign, as my holiday is going to end. *Sigh* And yes, am still in my village. To be exact at Kg. Sri Bahagia, Mostyn. We have another thanksgiving ceremony for our late grandfather tomorrow. So, I should be busy now, helping my aunties at the kitchen. Suppose to be. But as the laziness revolves around me, here I am sitting down , writing my blog. Oh did I mention about my nightmare last night?

A nightmare that darken my dream, engulf my happiness and pulling out the smile of mine. Well I cannot remember the whole story, because sometimes you cannot recall the plot of your dream. You just have SLIGHTHEST hint of what it is all about. Basically it was about my exam’s grade. Predictable right?

I dream of my Biology’s teacher, Madam Nur Hayatee threw her tantrum at me because I got 0 for a section in paper 2. I felt as if I was receiving the Death Note when she returned my exam paper. It was blurry, I cannot recall the exact grade I got, but it was scary. I think she did hit my hands with a weapon. ‘weapon’ in my imagination is a chastisement’s equipment though I cannot recall the exact tool. Well, I pray it WILL not become a reality. Even if it is, I hope it will not be my grade for IB Exam in Jun 2011. You know what, I target to get at least 30 points for my 3rd term exam. 30 is the minimum requirement needed if you don’t want to be called to a session for the Academic Day. But still 36 is what I need to fly!

Ameen. J well, let’s hope for the best and wait for my real result.

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