Friday, December 17, 2010


WISHes LIST on my 19th birthday!

Fuh, it's been a while, I didn't write anything on my blog. Yeah, my family and I at Kuna k a.k.a my village now. I can spot few changes, like the weather is more warmer than before, new houses were built nearby my grandparent's house and the road is blanketed with tar which ease the car's movement. My grandfather had passed away leaving my grandmom staying in the big house with Uncle Masjur, his wife Aunt Mina, 1st child : Nurul. 2nd child : Irshan 3rd child : Bella and the baby boy : Akif.

Enough about my village, let's come back with new agenda, wishlist 2o1o

I wish .... :-

1. My family and I will be blessed with prosperity and health. Ameen.

2. ...that my friends, the whole BATCH KITA, my senior and I reach our dream, fly to our DREAMLAND, start the new living and for those who bounded with NewMed Malaysia, hope you hit your target!

3. .. I had new baju kurung (s) for college-days!

4. I want a new boyfriend just like him ... ( he is engaged recently, so all I can say is give me a replacement. okay, crap :P )

5. Please, if anyone found MR. MP3, please return it to me. :( i miss him so much. ( note : A keychain named JEMZ hanging on it)


  1. Alaaa, sian Jemz :(

  2. jemz gonna wear mooooooore pink! BOO!

  3. bella : pink is the new black
    salsa : poor me :(