Sunday, December 12, 2010

sparkling psycho :)


People, we always have option(s) to look at life in positive or negative way. Then, I realized I should take a lot of negative situations and look at them in a funnier way.

It doesn't matter how bad you feel about EE, your TOK first draft ( assigments), at friends who fail to fullfil their promise due to others' commitment, and about your environment.


I don't wanna spend my life wallowing in self-pity and I don't want to spend life being insecure.

I think I'm really fun and carefree. Optimistic is what I keep reminding myself to hold on to. In addition, I hate pessimist,

" You can't do that!"
" Seriously you will be dead. It is tough, even smart people didn't excel at it!"
"Let's see if you are capable to do it," -sigh-

Watch me! I'm able to do that.
Pn. Anita , my english teacher once told us a story about the frog. How a frog won the battle by reaching at the top of the tower. No, he was not the fastest among the all the frogs, nor he was the smartest. but

he is deaf, he cannot heard the negative thought, the boo-ing sound and the s***** curse. HE is the champion, no matter what people said. I guess we heard millions of inspired story, since we were young, we being fed with motivational stories, how our prophet MUHAMMAD won people's heart in MADINAH due to his honesty and never-ending efforts, ALBERT EINSTEIN ,the stupid boy who grew up to be A genius, ABRAHAM LINCON who fails few times before won the president position ,
and many more.

how sad it could be when we just wait and see the happy ending. Why don't we create our own story and draw the finishing line. BE inspired and be positive.


I think people has misconception about me and my personality. Maybe because I will do exactly what I want when I want to. mind my own thought and do it in my own way. hahaha, I almost laughed when one of the boys comment me on fb

" first impression? you are selekeh"

haha, it is indeed true. in college, im damn selekeh.( exagerration) I dont care much bout thing, about people, about my belongings. i JUST CAN'T HELP IT. But I care bout my friends, and people that I love most - my parents!.

so people, be inspired!


  1. So they say, you are the one who determine your life, not others..and btw, i hate pessimist too!

  2. true true, i never knew you read my blog! scarry. hahah