Monday, April 30, 2012


Her name is Yong. And yes she looks younger than her really age. She is not my mom, but more
like she is my IBU. Rindu :')

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Sunny Sunday

“Sundae for Sunday” –Zawani.

                Blessing Sunday’s morning where one shouldn’t worry about getting late to the campus, or get locked outside the lecture room due to the failure to follow the BE PUNCTUAL rule. Laziness lingered around me, as I felt the comfort bed sheet adhered closely to my skin, next to impossible to get ready and reach the loo.
Finally I woke up, ALHAMDULILAH :D

                As we drifted to Cafe Coffee Day, I was wondering the definite meaning of freedom. 3oth April will be the next continuous assessment, and the right moment to put a fa├žade, the productive student. The whole study week, I’m been thinking how to maximize the time so that I could revise effectively. Wasting time will be a great sin in the eyes. Sometimes I wonder do I utilize the time fully? My murabbi once told me, somehow people will go after the definite thing that we believed to be withheld in a certain period of time.  Some occasion that eyes can see, ears can hear and heart can feel, something more.. dunya. Exam? An excellent example.
                We tend to forget about the promises in holy Quran. That in this date, this hour, this minute, this seconds and this place, the Angel of Death is just right about to take your soul away.  And that’s the secret that Allah never tell. We’ll never know when, where, how but we know, the TIME WILL COME. One question, how FIRMLY we believe in that day and have faith in it?

                  We get ourselves drunk in the attachment in dunya till we forget that  we live in an oasis. We see the mirage, we happy, but we forget that HEREAFTER is forever when our dunya is over.
But I feel something deep.  I feel that the small gathering to bring ourselves another step forward to The Almighty, is a great reward to myself. I feel like the burden ( whether I had used the time equally for dunya and akhira’ ) is lifted off of my chest. I enjoy the freedom. Time passing by without I even realized it. And this is not the feeling after I had successfully completed the next level in online games or the feeling after reading the medical book.  It is neither good nor bad, but none of adjective is available to describe the way I feel.
                The ukhuwah fillah. How sweet? We love each other because of Allah. The rapport is built, insyALLAH tightly knotted until Jannah.

                Upon reaching the Coffe Day, we all ordered the menu. Sadly, there were only some food and drinks available, due the unknown reasons. They shouldn’t provide such menu then, the pictures were so tempting but the shocking head of the cashier- non-verbal signal the beverages are unavailable were frustrating.
But I don’t want spoil my free Sunday, so I just ordered the Mocha-Devil Own and a muffin with ice cream. After I received my balance, I noticed something is not right. Slenderly, I kept the note between the fingers, and  do some calculation in my brain. And yes, the cashier had given me the wrong balance. Luckily my brain is not totally off in this holiday.
                Apart from Ru-z, Wani, Syikin and the M – Harisah, Nadirah also followed us. The small talk started with me, reading the story of Al-Farooq – S. Umar Al-Khattab. He was the tall, fierce and strict. He is willing to do anything for Islam, like donating half of her wealth for military purposes and progression of Islam. When he became the ruler, the nearby countries become inferior to the empire he built. A spoken thought slip through my mind,
                                “ Umar were  willing to sacrifice his wealth for his religion. How about you?”. Monolog.

                Harisah came next about Abu Bakar and how faithful he was to the prophet. If Umar donated ½ of his wealth, Abu Bakar gave away everything that he had for Islam. WOOOOOOOOOOOOO. Despite the fact that he was a rich merchant, he determined to let go off his wealth, for good.

                                                    The H, The N and The Z

                                                             funky Ru-z

"Sundae"- she said.

Monday, April 16, 2012


This week will be the first aid block. Yap, we followed the syllabus of Red Cross and St. John.
This is the highlight of the 1st Year syllabus. Imagine in a situation where we are the eye-witness of an accident/disaster the first aid should be given PROPERLY to the victim to prevent further injured. The help could be given by anyone as long she/he has knowledge to do the right thing.

Common lah, if you're medical student and you're so helpless during the emergency time, that will be awful. Where is the attitude? At least we should take some precaution to prevent unwanted trauma/injury to the victims.

I have told you my lecturers are all dedicated but they aren't bragging about it. When it came to the subject where it is not major of their respective field, they are willing to ask some professional educators to give us the lectures. So the lecturers for this block are invited from JNMC ( Jawaharlalal Nehru Medical School) which is located in front of our campus.
In the morning, we will learn bout the theory class while in evening from 2-5pm, we have some demonstrations and practical. Basically, we had to perform CPR and mouth-to-mouth breathing.

CPR was a piece of a cake. But when my turn came for the 2nd part, I put the wire gauze on top of the dummy's mouth ( well, to prevent the mixing of saliva) and took a long, deep breath. As, I exhaled the air and passed to the dummy's mouth, the monitor didn't show any signal. The monitor is kept to indicate whether I have done the practical perfectly or they might be some faults, here and there. Like you can't blow too hard, because the air will enter the stomach, and red light will be ignited. When there is no signal, the air you blew might not be sufficient enough.
Since there was no signal, I tried to blow the air faster and deeper. Guess what, the as I lifted my chin, the wire gauze is stucked at the edge of the braces, with some spear of saliva. EEEYUUU.

I heard small laugh, and yeah they were few boys around me. KANTOI. Quickly, I took it out, and asked the next person in line, to do it first.

p/s I wonder how the boys can do mouth-to-mouth breathing and get it correct at the very first attempt???

I had some ample time today during the practical :D

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Bio Chem

From the eyes of the window.5th Floor.Balcony.

As she read, at peace of her world, put the ease of her heart and as happy as little girl could be with the fine book on the other hand. The shadow has shifted and afternoon had passed, 'CATABOLISM of Amino Acid' had put remarkable sign deep inside.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012


Life will break you. Nobody can protect you from that, and

living alone won’t either, for solitude will also break you

with its yearning. You have to love. You have to feel. It is the reason you are here on earth

You are here to risk your heart. You are here to be swallowed up. And when it happens that

you are broken, or betrayed, or left, or hurt, or death brushes near, let yourself sit by an apple tree and listen to the apples falling all around you in heaps, wasting their sweetness. Tell yourself you tasted as many as you could. -
Louise Erdrich, The Painted Drum

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Moshi 1

Tomorrow is Monday. And today is Sunday. It's rhythm. By purpose.
Nothing much, I just went out to Big Bazaar, just like Giant in Malaysia, to shop, and ending up spent around Rs. 2130. to be exact. And this is the salary of my 'moshi 1' a.k.a maid in a month. Not exactly a permanent maid, since I'm living in the hostel. But she will come to my room every day, to sweep and mop the floor. Once in a month, she will clean up my fans. And LIKE A BOSS, I will sign her A5-memo. Just a remark to the supervisor that she is doing her work.

My moshi(es), Oh I have another one - MOSHI 2, which is the toilet cleaner. She will do the same, but her area is just the bathroom. I don't really watch her doing her routine because she will lock the toilet door but so far, I'm satisfied with my bathroom's cleanliness.
So, I wish to help my Moshi 1. I want give her some money to aid her financial status but obviously I can't just give away those notes. She has to work for something then only she will get paid. So I made an agreement today,
"Every weekend she has to wash my blanket or comforter or bed sheets, Either one".
And she asked for Rs.150 per month = RM10 only. I don't mind at all. I wish she will enjoy her new job-list. :)

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Newbie - Tumblr

Entitled - escapism. Here is my Tumblr link ;
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Sincerely, Noob-Newbie

Friday, April 6, 2012

A very good (fri)Day

Today is a bless day, a Friday. And of course I'm ecstatic because it's a holiday. A medical student studying abroad in a country (which holiday is a rare) - Noted. Last night was awesome. We- the girls break our fast together( iftar) in the little mosque inside our building and have our maghrib prayer together. I'm so delighted to see more jamaah coming for the prayer. InsyALLAH, Allah will showers us with more barakah.

But that's not the end, at night we all gathered in the mosque to watch movie and have a sleep over :) We watched - Laskar Pelangi ( an Indonesian Movie) with the theme of education. Upon watching the movie, I reflected back to myself. The communities - of fishermen, of low-income families have neglected the formal education that should be given to their children. They believe their son/daughter should become like how they should be. A change is unneeded, at the end, the poor will still be, a poor. But some parents still believe in education and send their children to school. The climax to me is when there were downpour rain, and the leakage on the roof unable the children to continue the study like usual. The ineffective condition forced the children to have the session outside their classroom. And their strength- never fade. They are poor but they never give up.

Looking at them made me thinking about my dad. My dad said, when he was a little boy, he used to help my grandmother to sell vegetable from their own farm to the entire village. He gained some money to be used as pocket money to school. How sad. I'm so proud of my dad, he is a hard working, diligent man. He never be choosy in selecting job. When he was a teen, he had become the labour, fishmonger in Brunei, an automobile mechanic and now- a driver. He never been to office, he never wear a formal shirt, and a tie? that will be far from real. But because of his attitude, his endurance overcome all the obstacles, I had grown up - PERFECTLY. There will always meal on the table - as far as I concern I have never been starving for food. A cute little house for the 5 of us - a comfortable shelter, of my own air conditioner in my room.
It might be seen as a small thing to the rich kids, but compared to those who are less fortunate than me, I'm so blessed. Syukur. Thank you ALLAH for the nikmah you gave me and my family.

But I still didn't get my allowance for this month. I'm totally broke. My sister had asked me if I want some money, but I refused. I have gain scholarship I don't want add burden to my parents no more.

And I remember once I had whispered to myself, " Oh Allah I didn't have any keychain to be suited with my key". Guess what happen next;

I got this one from New Dehli, TQ een and mira
The owl from Bangalore- Thanks Shiqin
Key chain Goa - from my Roomie.
Anchor, from Mumbai. - Harisah
And this one - from Kashmir - Present from the sweet couple :)

Out of topic, but this mug I got from Jennifer. From Bristol with love.

Now who needs to wish upon the stars?