Wednesday, February 29, 2012

stoop so low?

This song never gets old for me. How the paint is part of his world, and towards the end, how heart-breaking to watch the pain slowly washed off from her body. She is not longer his, and play role in his world, no more.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012


RESULT will be out soon.
But one thing for sure, the lecturers were upset with us.
Some lecturers were fine with it, but some of them keep expressing how devastated they were when marking the papers due to insufficient answers and terminology even for the simplest Question. Well most of them questions were easy, for them. (of course).

One of them even projected the questions on the slide, and re-asked us to produce the answers (verbally) in the middle of MDL class, even there is actually A SLOT provided for the correction and feedback session for the previous exam. So, we won't do the same mistakes, twice. or thrice. So next time we will make it!

I see something in her, well either she is too concern or too caring. I wonder if the lecturers of other universities will act the same. Will they devoted themselves in helping the students to score in the exam, and scold them after that? hahahaha. Will they care if the student failed? Will they congratulated the students personally?

Thank YOU ALLAH. for the group of dedication lecturers I have now. :)
One thing true ; the lecturers in my uni are not bias. They will answer the most stupid/ill/ illogical question so that you understand the subject deep to the core. SO that they can wipe off your doubt and see the cystal clear of the respective matter. And yes, regardless whether you are the smartest one, or the d**** among all of the students. Cool yeah?

I love THEM!

But I don't feel anything, yet,. Not that I'm confident with my answers and the GRADE, but maybe.. because there is no point of wasting my energy thinking what my marks will be. It will be announced soon. Oh, Allah, I plea ; so the best result is mine.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012


If I'm all wrong, I don't think it matters to you?

Care Less

Spending 5 years in boarding school, made me who I am today. I learnt to put others first. Be careful of what you have to say. Look after your attitude. Be humble. Less talk. More quiet.

It is hard to think straight at times. See your way what you had to do,

Then I thought of studying oversea, this feeling will switch off. Nope, unfortunately this kind of mentality stays. I hate those. I hate all of them!

What do you think?. All this while, I keep things to myself. Well I do sort of sharing with some of my closest friends. Maybe I just hate 'it', because it didn't meet my expectation. Things didn't go with my plan. Well, 1 thing with me ; is I hate the word 'NO!'. I must get everything I wanted. I can't tolerate when the world can't spin according to my direction.

Trust me, I develop some TOLERANCE now. I do accept things, slowly. As it is. as it was.

And now, I just need to be more self directed. I realize I had to do things on my way, and less power given to people who makes my life under their dim.

Majority didn't always right. Start a new day. Love your own skin. Because you're just lovely as you are.
"When you care too much what others think, you are open to manipulation because you will tend to go with the herd. When you care less what other people think, you become a more honest, decent, person because you don't have to pretend so much." -

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Last friday I settle at Belle's house- Bangalore of course. Because she has class on that day, so I'm with Mira for a while.

Travel alone from Belgaum to Bangalore, was not tiring at all. Thanks to the sleeper bus, with the fine mattress on the bus. So basically, I just need to lie down and sleep all night. in a single-sized mattress, like one in the ordinary hostel's room. Malaysia can't beat that tho'. maybe not yet,

So, about the Bangalore station, I dropped at Jalalhali Cross. And I supposed to stop at Jalalhalli. It was 6 a.m and all the Auto's drivers rushing towards me. At a moment, I feel like an artist confronting a bunch of crazy fans. Grrrr, seriously all the drivers asked which direction I need to go, and all of them offered me to go with them. I stepped backward until there was no space left behind. They got me : cornered.

A new trick. I said out loud," I only speak English ", and took out of phone. Slowly, they say the words I didn't understand and backed off.I'm dialing Mira and told her everything. At that moment then only I realized, I stopped at the wrong place.
Jalalhalli. fine.

In front of me is a nice white car. I don't really know what brand it belongs, but it is the same size as MyVi.


A man stepped down from a bus, with an old lady, walking towards that car.
To cut the story short,He offered me some help and I came with him and he dropped me in VL circle, nearby Gokula Apartment, where Mira and Belle lived.

Mira and Farzreen picked me up at the circle, and we safely arrived at Gokula apartment.


Mira and Farzreen are going to New Delhi. And guess what Belle, Dinie (her friend) and I did.

*shopping and hair grooming. and just for a split second, the fear is vanished! :)

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Post exam.

Alhamdulilah. I'm done with my 2nd Assesment. Thank God for letting me through this tough - 3 days. At one point, I almost down. Common, before this I just pass with a C. How bad is that, but my favourite Dr. always says, "As long as you pass medicine, it is GOOD enough".

"Allah counts the effort, not the result"- Anis wahab. Last week, I went to the library, together with Fatin Amalia. Deep in me, I wanna revise my notes in the most conducive place, during the critical zone- afternoon. But I had ended, sleeping all the time. I was so devastated that I couldn't help but blaming myself. Again, I feel His words through Amalia,
" Ask Allah for the some other alternative. He is the Most Powerful, He is the one you'll ask for help". *sentap/ fainted.

So, that night, I had a private conversation with Allah. Asking for everything I;ve ever wanted.



Last night was the most dangerous zone. I'm running out of battery. All my spirit seems to be detached from me. After the SEQ (essay) questions and SSA (slide) questions I feel so free. I don't feel like touching any books, or notes or even my lappy anymore. I'm, out of mind. Seriously. yet I still have MCQ papers. grrr.

"MCQ is challenging. No turning back and you had to pay the price of wrong answer. It costs minus of 0.5 for each answer."

I need some pressure. Then comes my hero :)
Well, friend in need is friend indeed. I really really appreciated the talk. It might be simple, but touchy. At least it helps me get through the night, fuel up with motivational force that burning in me.

Tonight I'm going to Bangalore, all alone. 10 hours, via bus. I couldn't join the Goa trip because of money. and Couldn't join Amirul square, of the same reason stated above. So I had made up my mind, to spend my holiday in Bangalore. 10 days. huh.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

My second battle

" But SOONER OR LATER .. the man who wins is the one who thinks he can!"