Thursday, February 16, 2012

Post exam.

Alhamdulilah. I'm done with my 2nd Assesment. Thank God for letting me through this tough - 3 days. At one point, I almost down. Common, before this I just pass with a C. How bad is that, but my favourite Dr. always says, "As long as you pass medicine, it is GOOD enough".

"Allah counts the effort, not the result"- Anis wahab. Last week, I went to the library, together with Fatin Amalia. Deep in me, I wanna revise my notes in the most conducive place, during the critical zone- afternoon. But I had ended, sleeping all the time. I was so devastated that I couldn't help but blaming myself. Again, I feel His words through Amalia,
" Ask Allah for the some other alternative. He is the Most Powerful, He is the one you'll ask for help". *sentap/ fainted.

So, that night, I had a private conversation with Allah. Asking for everything I;ve ever wanted.



Last night was the most dangerous zone. I'm running out of battery. All my spirit seems to be detached from me. After the SEQ (essay) questions and SSA (slide) questions I feel so free. I don't feel like touching any books, or notes or even my lappy anymore. I'm, out of mind. Seriously. yet I still have MCQ papers. grrr.

"MCQ is challenging. No turning back and you had to pay the price of wrong answer. It costs minus of 0.5 for each answer."

I need some pressure. Then comes my hero :)
Well, friend in need is friend indeed. I really really appreciated the talk. It might be simple, but touchy. At least it helps me get through the night, fuel up with motivational force that burning in me.

Tonight I'm going to Bangalore, all alone. 10 hours, via bus. I couldn't join the Goa trip because of money. and Couldn't join Amirul square, of the same reason stated above. So I had made up my mind, to spend my holiday in Bangalore. 10 days. huh.

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