Sunday, February 19, 2012

Last friday I settle at Belle's house- Bangalore of course. Because she has class on that day, so I'm with Mira for a while.

Travel alone from Belgaum to Bangalore, was not tiring at all. Thanks to the sleeper bus, with the fine mattress on the bus. So basically, I just need to lie down and sleep all night. in a single-sized mattress, like one in the ordinary hostel's room. Malaysia can't beat that tho'. maybe not yet,

So, about the Bangalore station, I dropped at Jalalhali Cross. And I supposed to stop at Jalalhalli. It was 6 a.m and all the Auto's drivers rushing towards me. At a moment, I feel like an artist confronting a bunch of crazy fans. Grrrr, seriously all the drivers asked which direction I need to go, and all of them offered me to go with them. I stepped backward until there was no space left behind. They got me : cornered.

A new trick. I said out loud," I only speak English ", and took out of phone. Slowly, they say the words I didn't understand and backed off.I'm dialing Mira and told her everything. At that moment then only I realized, I stopped at the wrong place.
Jalalhalli. fine.

In front of me is a nice white car. I don't really know what brand it belongs, but it is the same size as MyVi.


A man stepped down from a bus, with an old lady, walking towards that car.
To cut the story short,He offered me some help and I came with him and he dropped me in VL circle, nearby Gokula Apartment, where Mira and Belle lived.

Mira and Farzreen picked me up at the circle, and we safely arrived at Gokula apartment.


Mira and Farzreen are going to New Delhi. And guess what Belle, Dinie (her friend) and I did.

*shopping and hair grooming. and just for a split second, the fear is vanished! :)

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