Saturday, September 11, 2010

RAYA 2010, like no other,

this is my lil bro - JOHAN!

Imam tengah takbir, but this is what am doin' at the back. astgfrlah.

my sis, liya with my ABAH :O

lil sis, LIYA :)
my hot mama- :)

, its RAYA, palms up - ALHAMDULILAH, yup eventho i miss THE sacred ramadhan, buT time wont stop ticking, not even i want it to stop so badly kan, kan kan,

so here i am, in KK, best gilak ne, am HOME, hihi, 1 syawal raya di rumah jak diz, mama skt lagi, so x bley jalan jauh2. at least kt uma, i am her nurse, her parlor. A ah, PARLOR. :) hope my lil effort could ease her pain, ooo ya, mood : raya!