Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Cherry on the middle, and 4 kiwi(S) embrace it tightly, and forming a circle around. Not to forget the 4 oranges slice in the outer layer. That is the topping of my mini cheese cake.

I eat it, one by one, and let it melt on my tongue. I'm closing my eyes, letting the pieces absorbed completely, without chewing it at first.

Now, I'm having heavy flow. Just now, I had SSA ( Slice specimen Assessment) exam and yeah that pain was eating me inside out. If only I can scream, I wanna tell the whole world,

" Alarm. My uterine wall is falling down!"

It hurts. It hurts. and after the exam session, Yanti, Amalia and I rushed to the Kake Walk, the nearby cake shop. Well, the rest of the story you can expect.

p/s Cheese cake is the best.

Friday, November 25, 2011

she is not away. this time.

I'm happy now. Well that's good for a start, I read medical books everyday, read and read, discuss with my friends and watching CDs (the one that attached along with every purchased of books). I'm quite upset with my sister, she is not ONLINE-ing the whole day, and I patiently waiting for her. For God sake, if she is near, I feel like yelling
"hey liya, please online now! I'm freaking miss you, and mom". =.=

It is not her fault anyway. I can't inform her the exact time because I had lost my phone again. This is the 2nd time since I've been here,the first phone was inherited from my abah, where he proudly claimed

" this is the best phone ever, I been using it for 5 years, and yet it's still function well, not like any other latest sophisticated phones." and I'm in deep sadness when I've been detached from the nostalgic phone. sorry abah.
The 2nd one was the cheap-100 bucks-phone with "torchlight". I guess you can imagine the model. But I had lost it in Mumbai, when it accidentally dropped in the taxi , I was sleeping(and sleeping). But the feeling is not the same. I feel panic at first then indifferent.

Guess I don't need one. I keep reminding myself. And I'm phone-less now.

So back to the evening, I just online, hoping my sis will appear on my desktop. Guess what, Afiqah is online! OH my, read her status in skype " most of the time I'm away". But she is online now. I was so happy, only Allah knows how I miss her, more than I can tell!

Fi : Hye love.
J : Hye fi. Oh my I miss you.
fi : I know right, I miss you too.
J: Tell me bout NuMed.

Fi :The people are awesome. We have international students from singapore(obviously), sri lanka, india, uk and us.
J : Wow, Thats sound international enough. Do you mingle around?
Fi: Being me. of course
J : Wah. :D

So, the conversational keep on circulating about social life, exams, girls-stuff, miss you-miss you too. But I just so ecstatic to skype with her. I miss our " heart to heart" session. You're away most of the time,but you're close,here in my heart(pointing to my chest) :P

p/s The expectation is there, because I have a big dream, and I'm gonna chase it. I promise.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

#1 character

This is mr. shaky.

Strength : He is a smart and timid owl.
Weakness : He often misplace his belongings including his early worms.

Date on Birth : 20.8.2011
Place of Birth : Birgaeum, North Island of Neverland

Friday, November 18, 2011

disclaimer : I didn't own this

Roundabout (Tsundere act)

You say that I am spineless,

So I ask you if you want to be my spine,

You say that I am worthless,

So I ask if you care to make me worthy,

You presumed that I am hopeless,

I assumed that you just don’t like me,

You say that I’m in love with you,

I’ll say that I am not.


O, what’s up? What’s up with you?

You’re going round a roundabout,

What’s wrong? What’s wrong? I ask you,

Can you explain a little bit more,

My head keeps turning round and round,

Evading your elusive ground of speech,

Can you please just tell what’s going on?

And put my mind to ease.


You say that I am spineless,

So I’ll say its ’cause you are around,

You say that I am useless,

‘Cause I didn’t state my ground.

So I’ll speak my mind to ease your query,

I’ll say it out aloud,

I’ll say that I love you,

If you care to say so too.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Guilty pleasure.

Mechanical properties of skeletal muscle. That's the title of my lecture notes, yet my mind keep on tracing the next chapter of my current novel, NINETEEN MINUTES by you-know-who author. The temptation is so potent, that instead of pre-reading my atlas before anatomy dissection class, I took my ME time, holding the novel on my right hand while enjoying the indulges of cold coffee, on the left.

'Mechanical', sigh. I can't do sport, for the time being, so I try to figure an alternative way to spend my day. So maybe reading good book(instead of science books) would make me, well, less mechanical, less robotic. But the feeling ain't the same, I didn't sweat, and obviously I didn't smell that stinky.

and it is unfair to compare that way.

Having lecture classes from 8 am to 5 pm is surely exhausting, but not as draining like what I had in my previous college. My current routine is just another non-stop cycle, and circle as well.

Day 1
Morning : Wake up and go to class
Afternoon : Lunch and pray
Evening : Class
Night : Dinner and pray
Mid night : and study

Day 2 :
please see the above list.

Boring won't be my adjective this time, but I rather pick ' inhumane'.

Life is great, that the time zone could not catch me now, being adapted to it. Just, ermmm I had an end block assessment by 2pm, and it is showing the red light on the road, and persuading me, put my reading (of my novel)to a halt.

Make way to mechanical stuff first. To be continue..... reading it

p/s My seniors were perfectly right, "you just need to taste this once, it was a wonderful experience, and you would never want to take IB twice, not even if you being of offered one million dollar". Because the circle has an opening, that either lift you up or bring you down, before letting you re-cycle the routine.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

eid adha

He therefore smiled beamingly at her speech, and submitted,

" My Lord, bestow me guidance so that I thank you for the favour which you bestowed upon me and my parenst, and so that I may perform the good deeds which please You, and by Your mercy include me among Your bondmen who are worthy your proximity." (27:19)

Thats was the ant's pray in Sulamen story.

Thank you ya ALLAH for today. for eid adha. for Islam that I'll hold on, forever. InsyAllah. Happy eid everyone.

Thursday, November 3, 2011


HAPPINESS lies within your reach. but how far one have to go, to actually grab it?
" As far as you can".
Sometimes I just don't feel like going to certain classes like Demo and discussion class.So I just sit and relax in my room, listen to my old good songs, flip Chaurasia's book and end up indulge myself in my cozy comforter. I'm not saying that I feel HAPPY to break the rule, but I just need the space to breath. In this space, I'm the ruler of my own world, the queen I can say, before I humbly jump back as the commoner into the REAL world.

When Anatomy never lose its bullets, bombarding us with 1001 new terms and knowledge. and a point where it get too saturated, I feel like chocking. Even though I'm being me, who like to take things lightly, (and easy) yet I never forget that had a big commitment toward the subject, and I hate COMMITMENT, that's for sure.

I need privacy.
I just wanna be alone.
I need my ME time.
to restore the memory disk inside my mind.

Reality check? still, it is pretty enjoyable, no doubt that I stay on the right road.
You will never appreciate what is happy really means, if you never encountered major sadness.
and happiness is not just an episode of this journey but the background of my scenery. I'm blessed. Alhamdulilah.