Friday, November 18, 2011

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Roundabout (Tsundere act)

You say that I am spineless,

So I ask you if you want to be my spine,

You say that I am worthless,

So I ask if you care to make me worthy,

You presumed that I am hopeless,

I assumed that you just don’t like me,

You say that I’m in love with you,

I’ll say that I am not.


O, what’s up? What’s up with you?

You’re going round a roundabout,

What’s wrong? What’s wrong? I ask you,

Can you explain a little bit more,

My head keeps turning round and round,

Evading your elusive ground of speech,

Can you please just tell what’s going on?

And put my mind to ease.


You say that I am spineless,

So I’ll say its ’cause you are around,

You say that I am useless,

‘Cause I didn’t state my ground.

So I’ll speak my mind to ease your query,

I’ll say it out aloud,

I’ll say that I love you,

If you care to say so too.

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