Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Cherry on the middle, and 4 kiwi(S) embrace it tightly, and forming a circle around. Not to forget the 4 oranges slice in the outer layer. That is the topping of my mini cheese cake.

I eat it, one by one, and let it melt on my tongue. I'm closing my eyes, letting the pieces absorbed completely, without chewing it at first.

Now, I'm having heavy flow. Just now, I had SSA ( Slice specimen Assessment) exam and yeah that pain was eating me inside out. If only I can scream, I wanna tell the whole world,

" Alarm. My uterine wall is falling down!"

It hurts. It hurts. and after the exam session, Yanti, Amalia and I rushed to the Kake Walk, the nearby cake shop. Well, the rest of the story you can expect.

p/s Cheese cake is the best.


  1. its 'spot slide assesment'..hehe.. kake walk is super duper nice!!!

  2. thanks Ryan! it's SPOT SLIDE ASSESSMENT :)