Tuesday, July 27, 2010


you lignified your wall with strong bricks,
blind folded others with your fairy tales,
you forgOt that
you have numerous of pits
abundant holes
you can't denIED the truth
no matter how hard you tried
you are just


Saturday, July 3, 2010

deep down

instead of being your kitten, I COULD BE a puppy of yours.
- bunga -

magic,magic magic

wow. im in sem 3 odi.. the toughest sem in kmb( seniors said).. and teachers tooooo its cliche... grrrrr. i have nothng to expct.. my life is norm so does my imagry life.. hahha.. i still keeppp moving despite of all the obstacles that i had been through,
" if it doesnt kill you, it made you stronger" - quote from our penghuluwati tym JPAM camp.

huhu :)

miracles happen here and there. I am so amazed at HIS magic. it was so irresistable, neither me you, them could hande it. alhamdulilah. The only words that flew out through my mouth at that particular time. again, THANK YOU ALLAH.

tooo gooood to be true, i usually get what I wish for. errmmm money doesnt take into account aa.. hihi.. one day, i just sat down and gve a very deeep thought about it.

crappp.... idk what i am writing for. i just.. write this down, after a tirong IELTS class...

i couldnt control the storyline, i m just an actress, to play my part with HIS direction.so why bother to be down? when you knew your rewards in after life?