Thursday, November 17, 2011

Guilty pleasure.

Mechanical properties of skeletal muscle. That's the title of my lecture notes, yet my mind keep on tracing the next chapter of my current novel, NINETEEN MINUTES by you-know-who author. The temptation is so potent, that instead of pre-reading my atlas before anatomy dissection class, I took my ME time, holding the novel on my right hand while enjoying the indulges of cold coffee, on the left.

'Mechanical', sigh. I can't do sport, for the time being, so I try to figure an alternative way to spend my day. So maybe reading good book(instead of science books) would make me, well, less mechanical, less robotic. But the feeling ain't the same, I didn't sweat, and obviously I didn't smell that stinky.

and it is unfair to compare that way.

Having lecture classes from 8 am to 5 pm is surely exhausting, but not as draining like what I had in my previous college. My current routine is just another non-stop cycle, and circle as well.

Day 1
Morning : Wake up and go to class
Afternoon : Lunch and pray
Evening : Class
Night : Dinner and pray
Mid night : and study

Day 2 :
please see the above list.

Boring won't be my adjective this time, but I rather pick ' inhumane'.

Life is great, that the time zone could not catch me now, being adapted to it. Just, ermmm I had an end block assessment by 2pm, and it is showing the red light on the road, and persuading me, put my reading (of my novel)to a halt.

Make way to mechanical stuff first. To be continue..... reading it

p/s My seniors were perfectly right, "you just need to taste this once, it was a wonderful experience, and you would never want to take IB twice, not even if you being of offered one million dollar". Because the circle has an opening, that either lift you up or bring you down, before letting you re-cycle the routine.

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