Tuesday, February 28, 2012


RESULT will be out soon.
But one thing for sure, the lecturers were upset with us.
Some lecturers were fine with it, but some of them keep expressing how devastated they were when marking the papers due to insufficient answers and terminology even for the simplest Question. Well most of them questions were easy, for them. (of course).

One of them even projected the questions on the slide, and re-asked us to produce the answers (verbally) in the middle of MDL class, even there is actually A SLOT provided for the correction and feedback session for the previous exam. So, we won't do the same mistakes, twice. or thrice. So next time we will make it!

I see something in her, well either she is too concern or too caring. I wonder if the lecturers of other universities will act the same. Will they devoted themselves in helping the students to score in the exam, and scold them after that? hahahaha. Will they care if the student failed? Will they congratulated the students personally?

Thank YOU ALLAH. for the group of dedication lecturers I have now. :)
One thing true ; the lecturers in my uni are not bias. They will answer the most stupid/ill/ illogical question so that you understand the subject deep to the core. SO that they can wipe off your doubt and see the cystal clear of the respective matter. And yes, regardless whether you are the smartest one, or the d**** among all of the students. Cool yeah?

I love THEM!

But I don't feel anything, yet,. Not that I'm confident with my answers and the GRADE, but maybe.. because there is no point of wasting my energy thinking what my marks will be. It will be announced soon. Oh, Allah, I plea ; so the best result is mine.

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