Sunday, April 8, 2012

Moshi 1

Tomorrow is Monday. And today is Sunday. It's rhythm. By purpose.
Nothing much, I just went out to Big Bazaar, just like Giant in Malaysia, to shop, and ending up spent around Rs. 2130. to be exact. And this is the salary of my 'moshi 1' a.k.a maid in a month. Not exactly a permanent maid, since I'm living in the hostel. But she will come to my room every day, to sweep and mop the floor. Once in a month, she will clean up my fans. And LIKE A BOSS, I will sign her A5-memo. Just a remark to the supervisor that she is doing her work.

My moshi(es), Oh I have another one - MOSHI 2, which is the toilet cleaner. She will do the same, but her area is just the bathroom. I don't really watch her doing her routine because she will lock the toilet door but so far, I'm satisfied with my bathroom's cleanliness.
So, I wish to help my Moshi 1. I want give her some money to aid her financial status but obviously I can't just give away those notes. She has to work for something then only she will get paid. So I made an agreement today,
"Every weekend she has to wash my blanket or comforter or bed sheets, Either one".
And she asked for Rs.150 per month = RM10 only. I don't mind at all. I wish she will enjoy her new job-list. :)