Friday, April 6, 2012

A very good (fri)Day

Today is a bless day, a Friday. And of course I'm ecstatic because it's a holiday. A medical student studying abroad in a country (which holiday is a rare) - Noted. Last night was awesome. We- the girls break our fast together( iftar) in the little mosque inside our building and have our maghrib prayer together. I'm so delighted to see more jamaah coming for the prayer. InsyALLAH, Allah will showers us with more barakah.

But that's not the end, at night we all gathered in the mosque to watch movie and have a sleep over :) We watched - Laskar Pelangi ( an Indonesian Movie) with the theme of education. Upon watching the movie, I reflected back to myself. The communities - of fishermen, of low-income families have neglected the formal education that should be given to their children. They believe their son/daughter should become like how they should be. A change is unneeded, at the end, the poor will still be, a poor. But some parents still believe in education and send their children to school. The climax to me is when there were downpour rain, and the leakage on the roof unable the children to continue the study like usual. The ineffective condition forced the children to have the session outside their classroom. And their strength- never fade. They are poor but they never give up.

Looking at them made me thinking about my dad. My dad said, when he was a little boy, he used to help my grandmother to sell vegetable from their own farm to the entire village. He gained some money to be used as pocket money to school. How sad. I'm so proud of my dad, he is a hard working, diligent man. He never be choosy in selecting job. When he was a teen, he had become the labour, fishmonger in Brunei, an automobile mechanic and now- a driver. He never been to office, he never wear a formal shirt, and a tie? that will be far from real. But because of his attitude, his endurance overcome all the obstacles, I had grown up - PERFECTLY. There will always meal on the table - as far as I concern I have never been starving for food. A cute little house for the 5 of us - a comfortable shelter, of my own air conditioner in my room.
It might be seen as a small thing to the rich kids, but compared to those who are less fortunate than me, I'm so blessed. Syukur. Thank you ALLAH for the nikmah you gave me and my family.

But I still didn't get my allowance for this month. I'm totally broke. My sister had asked me if I want some money, but I refused. I have gain scholarship I don't want add burden to my parents no more.

And I remember once I had whispered to myself, " Oh Allah I didn't have any keychain to be suited with my key". Guess what happen next;

I got this one from New Dehli, TQ een and mira
The owl from Bangalore- Thanks Shiqin
Key chain Goa - from my Roomie.
Anchor, from Mumbai. - Harisah
And this one - from Kashmir - Present from the sweet couple :)

Out of topic, but this mug I got from Jennifer. From Bristol with love.

Now who needs to wish upon the stars?

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