Monday, April 16, 2012


This week will be the first aid block. Yap, we followed the syllabus of Red Cross and St. John.
This is the highlight of the 1st Year syllabus. Imagine in a situation where we are the eye-witness of an accident/disaster the first aid should be given PROPERLY to the victim to prevent further injured. The help could be given by anyone as long she/he has knowledge to do the right thing.

Common lah, if you're medical student and you're so helpless during the emergency time, that will be awful. Where is the attitude? At least we should take some precaution to prevent unwanted trauma/injury to the victims.

I have told you my lecturers are all dedicated but they aren't bragging about it. When it came to the subject where it is not major of their respective field, they are willing to ask some professional educators to give us the lectures. So the lecturers for this block are invited from JNMC ( Jawaharlalal Nehru Medical School) which is located in front of our campus.
In the morning, we will learn bout the theory class while in evening from 2-5pm, we have some demonstrations and practical. Basically, we had to perform CPR and mouth-to-mouth breathing.

CPR was a piece of a cake. But when my turn came for the 2nd part, I put the wire gauze on top of the dummy's mouth ( well, to prevent the mixing of saliva) and took a long, deep breath. As, I exhaled the air and passed to the dummy's mouth, the monitor didn't show any signal. The monitor is kept to indicate whether I have done the practical perfectly or they might be some faults, here and there. Like you can't blow too hard, because the air will enter the stomach, and red light will be ignited. When there is no signal, the air you blew might not be sufficient enough.
Since there was no signal, I tried to blow the air faster and deeper. Guess what, the as I lifted my chin, the wire gauze is stucked at the edge of the braces, with some spear of saliva. EEEYUUU.

I heard small laugh, and yeah they were few boys around me. KANTOI. Quickly, I took it out, and asked the next person in line, to do it first.

p/s I wonder how the boys can do mouth-to-mouth breathing and get it correct at the very first attempt???

I had some ample time today during the practical :D

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