Monday, December 6, 2010


HEhe, the exam is finally over. fuh?! actually my exam was held about 1 week and 1 day ( to be exact). Since I have to sit for 6 subjects, so each day is occupied with 1 subject, started with the first subject - on monday and ended up on friday. And the next monday, left only Biology paper.

so, here is my summary :-

chemistry : paper 1, i have left with 5 mins, and still i had tons of questions haven't read, of course haven't answer them yet. and there you go ," 5 mins, left" okay, thank you Madam invigilator. It's SHOW TIME! yes, every bullet not gonna be wasted.and hell yes, most of the answers chosen were not coming from my brain, they derived from the muscle tissues of my hands. But the tragic part was when I was done with chem's paper and happily walking to our CAFETERIA, guesS who I met halfway? A ah, MY BELOVED CHEM'S TEACHER.

" You did poorly for paper 1. 22/40" and he left. okay okay okay... :( :( :(
FirstlY, I felt grateful, at least the marks were beyond my expectation. but to be honest, deep inside I'm poignant. It was my first paper and well bad omen, i guess . ( okay, I shouldn't believe in it)..


In every difficulty lies an opportunity, it doesn't matter how many incorrect answers I had done, or how upset my teacher and I could be, but I actually dig up the hole of opportunity. to make it simple, at least I have a big room for improvement. It is better to make mistakes now rather than doing it later, in my final IB exam which is only 6 months away. and I really really really believe in Allah. Allah can change his servant's heart in a split second, a ah including my heart, yours , them and every single creature in this world. The most gracious and powerful, Allah has hidden his best gift for us, and it is our job to discover it ourselves. So, lets reveal our gift and never forget to praise Him for HIS kindness.

wED : agama ISLAM and MALAY A1
thursday : english HL
friday : Business and Management

Monday : Biology HL

monday's night : which is now, blogging and facebooking :)

Oh, my flight is on Wednesday, SABAH i miss you so!


  1. It's good you're back! HAHA

  2. :) am still here, dont worry.hahha