Saturday, December 18, 2010

the CURE

We had aqiqah ceremony last few days for baby Akif, ( my uncle's son).So, I had chance to meet my long-lost aunties, uncles, my closest cousins, my nephews, nieces, my grandson.. More people.more merrier the ceremony minus the curious part. Yup, the curious part where my aunties asked my mother about my skin. Oh yeah, since Kasukma ( sport days), my skin complexion getting darker and acne deluged plus blemishes attacked my face. My eczema worsen my condition so I ended up having a prone-acne skin. :(
It still bugging me, because before this when I was involved in any sports competition, I admit that my skin tone getting darker. However, I had never get any problem with MR.ACNE.
Since Kasukma 2010, I found my life just like the pressure cooker waiting the breakout times.

Yeah , people said be grateful for what you have and be comfortable in your own skin. I think I should, but this time I can't handle this no more. So, I used the opportunity chaperoning my mother to a nearby clinic, and ask for a treatment. Initially, I was asking the doctor if she knows any dermatologists. Sadly, she said she knew none. But she took a look on my face and said this is NORMAL!

oh yeah. again NORMAL!

After the some small talk, she gave me choices whether to consume an oral meditation or dabbed my face with a bottle of antibiotics that cost me about RM27. I choose the second one, not because it is cheaper but I don't want to take any risk of the oral medicine's side effects. She also recommended me to use the Sebamed Teenage starter kit because of the positive feedback from her previous patients.

To be honest, I kinda tired to change the facial product,but mom try to convince me this one might worked. So, LET'S SHOP. I really hope this one will help to clear out my outrageous acne after being unsuccessful with other brands.

Yeah, kunak is a small town, with no pharmacist available. But it's okay, I will find the facial product later.

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  1. Damn nanti you lagi catik! Hahaha, I pon nak jumpa dermatologist lah macam ni Jemz!