Saturday, January 22, 2011

Now I am Safo's house. In the morning I went to clinic for hepatitis screening, ermm basically I have to check whether I had antibiotic for that or not. and bla bla bla.

Nothing much, the result was out last few weeks. AND alhamdulilah I see improvement, even it is not Big. I knew that Im getting closer, to my dream.. And my nightmare became a reality, my BIology teacher, as expected throw her tantrum at us. Imagine only 2 person got 6 in my class and mode is 5. and Im one of them who contribute to the mode percentage. AIYOOOO, go BIOlogy. Im gonna put YOU down.

Talking to my heart today. I really happy. Safo and Syed shared money to buy a baju kurung. Ouh, actually Im the one who constantly remind them about my present last Dec. but back in college, I almost forget about it. ( because of assingments, I had less time with my ME time). It just like, the unexpected thing you got when you are less expected it.

And, IBU ( safo'S mom) gave 2 pairs of baju kurung too. I don't know how to thank them. Now I have new baju kurung for class. :) THIS IS SOUND SOO KID.

and lastly, am waiting for the other present from my neighbour. She promised me to post a pair of baju kurung. yeah2 come baju kurung, come to me.

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