Friday, January 28, 2011

my mind plays trick on me

I heard you cry loud,but please stop whining, stop wailing. Stop screaming in silence, clean up the mess in your face, doubting your self will never end. You will never be able to force something if it doesn't right.

Sometimes you're the one who give yourself the creeps. Or you just paranoid. It is not a question, but a lesson to be learned in your life.
Time grab her go,it is something unpredictable but she hopes she had done it right. She had much closer than you ever know. Don't catch her falling, let the pain knock her down. The bleed, the scar remind the nightmare of her life.

So make the test and don't ask why.
Just play the memory and keep it play over and over again in your mind. Here lies the truth you will never know.

So, when you lose your hope and excuses, nothing left to cling to.. and where you should go know?
She saw no dead end,
And I dragged her into the road, wake her up, with the sense of reality.

Sincere JAM.

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