Saturday, January 29, 2011

10, 9, 8....

Okay, I just got back my EE last friday. :( Soo many things to be corrected. And the worst part is my advisor put the dateline for turn it in (plagiarsm checker) on this Monday. Waaaa~ I had to give all out, typing 4000 words in 2 days. I bet I can apply for any type writers occupancy after this. wheee~~
And I had a lot of things to be done, including revision for my syllabus. Counting, less than 100 days to go, for IB MAY 2011.

So, I sat in E09C, typing my EE, just simply because they have plug in their class. I am too lazy to fight for the-only- plug in my own class. I am doing Business, as I thought it will be easier rather than doing Science's thesis, including Chemistry or Biology. TEEEEEEEEEEEEETTTT~ I am a dead wrong.

It is much harder, because I am taking Business standard level. To produce an analytical essay, firstly one have to master the concept of business tool or strategy, and maybe further reading on the higher level will help much. Yay, I bet I just speak out the solution. Since morning, I was revising on the growth strategy and studying the relevant tools in higher level syllabus.
As my fingers delicately hit the keyboards, my eyes sharply focus on the words counts.
10000 achieved, Alhamdulilah. 3OOO words to go. Shahirah, Abrar and Nad were in the class trying hard to finish their MATH PORTFOLIO.

Pity on them, I cannot imagine if I still take MATH HL. Doing EE is a suffocation to me, plus MATH PORTFOLIO, which meant to be sent in the same day, ermmm double or triple the pain. But, I love this way.
This is why I love IB actually, time would not be simple wasted. Strictly speaking, if you had nothing to be done, it is either you are super duper smart student or you might be tangled by the cliche' term named "PROCASTINATE".

and in the evening, I reward myself with a jog. It is merely a gift for my so-called-hardwork. Jog is a bless, with the ticking of rain, mixed with the bed of sweats and the inconsistent breathing, I felt like throwing away the pain, from my soul.
I was desperately want to let it go.

lala, lala, lala.
:p I have been thinking about him lately. I saw he's playing with yellow shirt yesterday, but I never passed him by. I bet he never know me in person. It is just I think I had built FRAGILE bridge between us. Invisible bridge, loosely. I bet time can easily destroy it.

I love the distance tho'. thank you lala.

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