Saturday, June 9, 2012


Fuh, the Pharmacology Block has ended, I mean the test. Its kinda funny, how I've tried so hard to remember the name of the drugs, the route, absorption and I hold my breath for a second, and wondered " What is the name of the first drug again?"

I really really need a partner in studying. I love study group, even though it is kinda tiring to open up your mouth and explained it to your partners but it is so worthy when you can easily recall them in your exam. Like last night, I was in Darina's room and taught her about Free Radical and Antioxidant. Poor her, she had to skip the classes because her stomach still didn't manage to be well adapted to our MESS food. So, I offered myself to be her teacher for that night.

Not the entire night, because I felt asleep after 1/ 1/2 hours after that while she is still studying.

Oh ya, I really really happy when Fi gave me a message on facebook that she passed her 1st year. Without a second thought, I tried to call her on skype. I was screaming " CONGRATULATIONS" when she barely hear me. =.='. I felt so retarded.

So, I had a brief chat with her instead of phoning. I miss her so much, can't wait to go back to Malaysia to celebrate this. Opss, I forget my turn hasn't come. My exam is yet to come. Dear reader, please pray for me :)

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