Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Now ja gift, Now a gift.

Yesterday, Joanna leave Belgaum. Joanna, a surgeon/ researcher who comes to India just for collecting data for her project paper in KLE University. Oh ya, Joanna is from Northern England, and definitely with a heavy British-accent. No doubt, I love that accent.

I didn't really close to her, but as far as I remembered, we used to sit in the same table at the Mess during lunch and mostly- dinner. We exchanged our stories, and most likely everyday conversation will turn up like this,

" How was your day? "

" I'm quite busy. I skipped my lunch".

"The patients are waiting for me, I shall go now"

Sometimes I feel it was superficial conversation, but what else do you really need to ask? . I am busy so do her. I wonder it is the same conversation I would have with my family once I get the "Dr" title. I hope not, that would make a terrible wife, and mother too.

So, back to Joanna story, she gave me 2 pens - with United Kingdom's flag picture surround the shaft of the pen. It was so nice of her, because that simple gifts really fire me up. It motivates me to work harder for my Pro Examination ( which is just less than a month to go ) and pamper myself to Eire and UK next Feb!

I know most people said,  the holiday is too short to really enjoy the trip. But for me, I really want to go, regardless any conditions. I have my friends all over the states and I would surely enjoy my holiday. And about the how expensive the ticket could be, I really think that I deserved that.

It was my money I'm been saving for few months that I would finally spend on the thing I love the most. People, we have different stand, and I won't bow down simply like that.

I have wish lists which are meant to be ticked, and dreams meant to be grabbed. And it is mine and it will be never yours. I stand with my dreams, and InsyALLAH this will keep me going. To Eire, To UK , and to fight the Pro! - that the price I'll pay.

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