Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Don't write in anger.

Don't look back in anger. Yesterday, I commented one of Karl's status without any intention, to condemn or to gave bad remark etc. To me, it was just a plain 'hey-bro-get a life' kinda words, when somebody replied in such a way, that can provoke me.

Honestly, I was shocked. I had put the past behind, and really move on with my own life. Supposedly, the question of jealously will never arise. For whatever life he had now, it is  none of my business.

The old me will surely condemned those harsh words, put up an argument until I think I can win the conversation. The old me will never stop to twist thing until I get what I wanted and let the victory in my side.

But, there is no way I want to do that now. I was looking at those words, staring at the laptop and thinking how immature the person is, at the same time, reflected back, how immature I was.

I didn't reply anything. I had no intention to fight over those miscellaneous thing in my life. As I grow older, I realize fighting over small unnecessary  thing like that, will only drain my energy, blacken my heart.

I open up  my heart. Learning to accept, that not everyone will please me. Even I could not afford to  please everyone in this world.

By the way, I called my dad 3 days ago, he said he wanted to buy me a new handphone, since I lost one. I mean I had lost my phone twice, and the only phone I have now, is the gift from my beloved friends.

To his surprise, I say NO. I don't think I want any gadget anymore. And even if I do, I would love to save my allowance and buy it with my effort. Like what I did last Assessment. I promised to myself, to buy a new Roxy backpack, if my grade is B+ or better. And, alhamdulilah, I've an A-. Obviously, my parents didn't really care what grade I obtained, they just wanna make sure, I'll pass.

The next day, I called my mother, and told her about handphone. Let call it is equal, because my dad is ahead than me, when my mom said he was actually planning to buy me an I phone! It is a sweet surprise. Well nowdays, people would say, Iphone isn't a big thing anymore, everyone has tabs, samsung galaxy, HTC , etc. But to me, Iphone is still a WOW! I'm not a rich girl, who could effrot such sophisticated phone in a day.

But, as I said, I don't want any kind of phone. I'm happy to be phoneless, I pay undivided attention in the class, I read my notes instead of browsing net during my study time, I didn't easily get burst in my twitter,( maybe I did but not that often). I'm truly happy now.

Talking about my phone, I forget to charge it. I really really did abundant it. I'm sorry.

That's all. I should sleep now, all alone. My roomate went back home - KL to attend her sis's wedding. How cool. Bye! Good night!

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