Thursday, May 31, 2012

33 His Knowledge

Last night I felt so reckless. Maybe because I didn't perform my asar prayer perfectly, and that explained why I felt so guilty. Sluggishly, I took wudhu and perform solah sunat .
I asked for forgiveness.I asked to be given the very best in this world and the hereafter.
 I asked that my sister will pass her SPM and strike for excellent throughout her life. I asked my parents will be bless with his blessings -both dunya and akhira, so does to my grandmother, to my families.
I asked for my success in this coming PRO exam, to pass medic 1st year.
I asked the same favour to all my friends, especially 2nd batch of USM KLE, 83 of them.
 I asked that my friends in the NuMed, Afif, Fauzi, Fi , Safo and all of my friends pass their exam, I asked Muna, Sha , Anis and all of my KMB friends all over the world, who had - double/triple their efforts in gaining knowledge, to pass their exams as well.
 I asked for my sisters and brothers in Syria and Palestine and wherever they are to be protected by HIM-The Best Protector, and if dead is the best for them, let them dead in Syahid.

The next morning, I had to skip my class due to my upset stomach.

In the afternoon, I went to dissection class. It turned out that my group table -A2 is gone. I really mean it, it is gone! A1, A3,B4,B5... but no where to be found our cadaver and the table. So, my group members  just joined the rest of the groups. At first I was in Sir Pitka table, but I felt uneasy. So, I moved to the front table, Dr K.O. As usual, this adorable professor- Dr. K.O will talk as slow as he can, highlighted the important key terms over and over again. And made me so ecstatic. I can easily recall structure, and details of the testes, epididymis and scortum easily. Today is my lucky day, I never enjoy my dissection class as much as I did today!

So, after the dissection class, I went down having strawberry milkshake and sandwich at the cafe with Harisah, Ruzanna and Nabilah. After that I straight away  went to Ladies Common Room to perform my prayer and went up again for English Class. I had this intention telling me to look up for the notice board. Well, all the results of end block assessment will be put up in the notice-uncensored, which means the name will be there, your matrix num, your component marks, your GRADE and obviously everyone can see it!

So, I stop and stare at the notice board. Alhamdullilah I passed my GIT End Block. but that's not it. I passed my Endocrine Metabolism as well. Okay, I know that's not the big deal! But hey, I didn't study much for it. The night before, I kept on complaining how awful I felt toward the never-ending-tests, I tweet a lot! I still remember, one of my tweet after the exam paper,

"If I pass the test just now, that will because of the help of Allah". ( Kalau pass test tadi, memang Allah nk tolong lah)

The questions were so difficult to me. I skipped Dr. Neha class, and 2 questions came out as essay, and there I was, acting like a genius scientist, writing down all the new formulas on the paper.

This is a lesson to me. I;m happy I know. But I'm afraid this is another test to me.

The message is quite clear, no matter how hard I've tried, or how matter how lazy I were, the result is in His Hands. After all, we are all just learning the little portion of HIS knowledge. I'm so grateful. Alhamdulilah.

At night, my friends told me there will be a tazkirah by Dr, Syeikh. He came all the way from Malaysia, so of course I will not miss the opportunity to listen to his talk. Ya Allah, this man is so knowledgeable, so funny ( the way he laughs) and mesmerizing us with the little talk about Solah and Quran. I'll update that later, in the different post.

Now, I reflect back to myself. Last night, I asked for many things from Allah,and today I can feel his love send to dunya for me. He had granted some of them.
 I'm ashamed of myself for complaining that and that when He already gave me most of the thing I wanted. 
Thanks Allah for the nikmahs you gave me. May all the musleems including me myself will always be in the righteous way .Amin.

p/s Of all the ring in this world, there is only one ring in triangle in shape, what is that ? . Be creative. Be smart! Good luck.

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