Saturday, May 5, 2012

I look wonderful on it,

 Upon hearing how slow I stared my day, and showed up, quite late- not punctual for my class, Madam Sahariah a.k.a my beloved, greatest mom in the world promise to transfer some notes to my account.

In one elaborate afternoon, I went out to Khade Bazaar, and get my hands on the bicycles. Oh there are sooo many of them, varies from different colour and models. One with the basket at the front, top gear at the sides and the 'annoying' bell. After few chit chatting, I picked one bicycle of my favourite. Newbie in the town, with gears, shock absorber and plus- I asked the salesman if he can crave my name on it. At first, craving would never easy but sticker could be fine. I love to personalize my thing, maybe I love to stand out, but ordinary, dull, boring design won't get along with me. I love to add attitude in everything I did, or posses. Be it - scarf, bicycle, cards or even books :D.

But yeah, everything that happened has a dim hazy cast over it - in this case, I had to dig my own account. Mom's money is not enough to buy, this long-lasting , delicious bicycle. Overall it costs me Rs 6500 with a Rs 0.30 for the sticker. That would be around RM371.41 (latest currency).

One big problem, how did I transport the bicycle back to my hostel? They don't provide any transporter like one in Malaysia. Guess how,

Tying the bicycle with the auto.

    Now I totally understand why some auto(s) only have one door, so they can fit it the oversized-items, even the front portion will pop-out. :)

                                                This is how a DR rockin' the medical school

                                            Dr. Mariah in the future. Now that is motivating! Yeah

Who doesn't?

Brilliant smile, I shall pass the test with 'rainbow' result, or I'll face the music - of mom's lecture during skype-ing. Lastly, Thanks mom and dad for forking out the money for me, thanks dearest lieya for sending the notes, thanks MARA for the additional ehem... budget. Yeah, let's ride!

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