Sunday, May 20, 2012

My Rainbow -Sunday

What a great, Sunday. I must said. Thank God for letting me breath in this world up to this point. And I think too many things happened today, firstly I being selected to be the witness for the Election Day.

A: What does a witness do?
Q: Nothing. I monitored  SPR (Suruhanjaya Pilihan Raya) or Election Committee counting the vote. Just a double check up making sure they had done their job fairly.

And the best is, I get to know the result before anyone else. HAHAHHA (evil laugh)
Guess what, my roomie- D1 made it. She won the election for a Vice President position. Cool right?
When I told her  the result, she looked confuse. The face that telling me that she was 1/2 happy and 1/2 not. Pretty well not sure what she should feel. But calmly, gaining the concious of her, she vowed to use the power she gained, to pull people towards God, to carry the duty with all responsibility. Yeah. She always gives me that independent, ' I-CAN-DO- IT, babe.

Not just that, the other 'D2' won the General Secretary position. Awesome right? I'm so happy for them - both D&D.

After I'm done with the election, my roomie, Harisah and Miza were invited to the house warming of the Blue House by seniors of JNMC.

The house is located behind our hostel, but still we have go by auto. Miza said, " I never know there is a population of people behind our hostel'.
How honest. Cant blame her, along the journey to the Blue House, the road side is dry with only stunt plants and unfinished old buildings. It is creepy and 'warm' at the same time. Upon reaching the house, it was surprising because it looks like a residential houses-just like we have back in our country.

Oh, but the house is divided into half. (Sounds like I'm talking about fruits).
The other half is belong to an Indian Family and at the back portion - is theirs.
Overall, it was so fun with homemade foods, cakes, dougnuts and warm welcome. Even though they are much older than us, and some are even graduate with the title -DR (Intern) already, they aren't bragging about that. Humbly, we are treated like their younger sisters. It was the feeling that I've lost long time ago. Alhmadulilah, hope the chit-chat time tighten the bond between us, until jannah. Being invited for the first place is like  redz for all of us :) I'm honored.

The awesome seniors :) The owners.

                                        This is the 'BLUE HOUSE'. Note : That are not their cars nor motorcycles.

Go Borneo. Racist intended. :)

Highlight of the day : Marry-Me-Cake. Homemade! . Awesome Sis Dila!

                  Intially, we want to leave by uncle Mustaq's auto. But there is a confusion, that the auto didn't come though we had waited for about 1/2 hour. Ana ( our friend) called another auto to pick us up. And the auto is the one who won THE NO.1 auto in Belgaum ( with sticker at the front). Fuyoooo.
The driver had devoted Rs.1 Lakh to re-design his auto. He even managed to stick a newspaper pieces -of his reward at the back of his seat.  I guess today is just our lucky day. Syukran Allah :)

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