Tuesday, May 29, 2012


 A little unwell today, in the afternoon I felt like skipping my MDL class ( from 2pm-5pm) but considering some lecturers were complaining about our unsatisfied attendance, I changed my plan.

Summer Bummer, when I read most of my friend's status in UK and europe mostly complained how hot the weather these days where 20c is considered as 'hot' and what do you think the temperature here, in the mystical land of India ? and plus it is actually SUMMER season right now. But luckily my university is locate in Belgaum, where weather isn't a BIG problem. Even though now is SUMMER days, my body still can tolerate as the temperature range  between 30c-33c. I can't wait for monsoon season, and Frans said it is likely to fall in the end of June.

Rain is falling down Falling Down Falling Down ~~~

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