Tuesday, May 15, 2012


                “I’ll wait for you”. That sounds freaky. Na na na, this is nothing to do with me, my girlfriend just blurted out that, she had been proposed. Not officially propose, but just a promise by a mature guy,(with a stable career) that he wants to be hers, someday. Oh.. It is either the guy is sweet-talker or he really does likes my friend. Either way, that would be enough to give me the goose bumps. You’re just 21, you’re just finished those killer IB exam, you’re just about to taste the flavor of new course- of medicine and the idea of getting married? I didn’t see where it is coming.

                Well, I’m not 100% opposed the early marriage, that is individual’s right. It is not ME, who will be anxious the whole weeks, counting day on switching the ‘Single’ to ‘Married’ title. I understand if the guy is about your age, with the intended to ‘jaga’ you all the time. Where you gonna study together, despite of different university or sharing the same roof, whatever but having one with a position, is like a doom to me. You are a student and he isn’t. He is making money out there for live, for future. You are struggling night and day, remembering every each of details on your books. That’s difference.
But what if he sincerely wanted to wait, then how long it will take? Does she guarantees she will marry him at the end of 5 years- after graduating?. Would she fall for anyone in between?
  I don’t know, I honestly don’t know. The creepy, I felt inside, -I’m sure she get it amplified maybe 1000 times. If you happen to read this, I just don’t know what to say. You are smart, pretty young lady, may ALLAH shows you the light. Maybe this isn’t a catastrophic after all, who knows?

                Wedding, Handsome guys, Hot-Pretty chicks, Honey Moon, kids (names) yap, that words linger around the conversation of teenagers. That is normal. Girl, you might like him. He is  a catchy, good looking, a good listener and what bound you so tight – cause you both had gone through a lot together.  Finding the courage to drag yourself out of the misery. I totally get it, okay I’ve been there.
                But boy, if you really want to make her, someone special then be a gentleman, go and marry her. If the condition is inconvenient, then just be her friend. Act like an ordinary friend. That is the rule of friendship. Once you broke the rule, and decided to take an advance step,- to make her someone special, then the time will start ticking before its exploding. That would be a lie, if their spouse didn’t mention the commitment of having serious relationship, to knot the relationship into something more firm. Sadly, some might quarrel against each other regarding this, and that small problem will later on lead to the hurricane.
Boy, In my opinion if you really admire someone, keep it to your heart. Guard your heart with the most unbreakable lock, don’t melt in the middle. Find your inner strength to resist the temptation, in a simple word – be her friend. Treat her, less special or just like any normal friends. And please, don’t convey any special message, that would always be misunderstood boy, and that also, kills.

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