Thursday, March 22, 2012

Like a P**

Woke up with the pain sensation in my mouth. GRRRRRRR
Before brushing my teeth, I grabbed my bottle to drink the mineral water. Well, PBUH Muhammad did that too. It is recommended for your health, because your saliva will contain enzyme that is good for digestion. Okay, done.
But, grrrrrr! it is sooo painful. Last night, Dr. Vijay, the Orthodontic tighten the wire of my braces. So that my left rabbit tooth can be straighten just like the right side. Usually the pain will last no more than 1 hour or 2, but now it is beyond 24 hours. Plus the fact that I already swollenthe PAIN KILLER. I need some distraction, I said.

Put on my Adidas shoes, I went out of the hostel and walking towards the stadium. It is kinda weird with the light fog blanketed the stadium. Aik?! I'm in India. Now it is summer, and I didn't see where this is coming from? But, I chose to be ignorant and started to set my foot on the track. Running slowly while counting 1,2,3..... Congratulation, I made 2 rounds. Yeah.

I remember my Prof said " If you fill the tank of your car with Petrol, it will stay there, unless you use it. Same goes to your body, you eat, consume fatty acid and oily stuff, unless you work out, it will stay there forever". Fuyooh!
Now I sweat like a pig. But that sensation is coming back. GRRRRR! The teeth is killing me. I feel like knocking my head against the wall!

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