Monday, March 19, 2012

Journal #1 : Mumbai

Heading out of the campus.

Slum's area : smelly, and dusty.
The papa helped us across the road, although he has one leg but he carries A BIG HEART.
The Belgiumians.

The British's art,
Modern art.
Vintage anyone?
Look at the beautiful building, they had struggle to conserve their History.

Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus

formely known as Victoria Terminus

If you had watched any Hindi's movie, this is
one of the famous setting -train railway. It only cost Rs4 rupee = RM 0.28 cent per head

Normal scene

The friendly tour guide.

Homeless. Would you be grateful now?

"I need some food" she said
Yet luxurious food is ours.
Awesome place : Leather Factory!
Remember Slumdog Movie? : This is the real setting. We walked down the lane.
Remember : The Mann? This is Gateway of India

Roman pieces.

Chowpathy Beach

Crawford Market

I know this is a long overdue, but what could I say. (busy)
If I never go out, and actually look at the hardship of ones, I may not be as grateful as I am now.
Count your blessings, you had never know what you would miss, if you're at their place.

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