Wednesday, March 7, 2012


Confession. I had my name on the board of my university. Here's the thing, I been playing truant the last few months. Been escaping few classes. Can't help, I'm tooo tired. So, cut the story short , I need to write a letter presenting the appropriate reasons, why I didn't come to class. So, I had made some.but none of them, is the truth.

Not really. I seriously have the Biological Disorder symptom, or have insomnia at night, and reckless all the day. Few days ago, I try to fix it, by sleeping before the midnight, hoping I can adjust it back to normal. But that's not the issue. To create an excuse wasn't that hard, but I need to talk to deputy dean personally. Handed the letter personally. one to one. I'm quite nervous.

Then come a thought in my mind, "He is just a man. like you. The One who you suppose to fear a lot, is Allah.". I never think, if you had done serious damage on this earth, what would the possible reason you could make up in the hereafter? Will you be able to escape the punishment that time? What did I do with all the money given by the Scholar? hermmm Did I thankful enough for the redz on every day basic?

And most of all, did I do everything, BECAUSE OF.....

Check your nawaitu.

Weekend update :-
I been posting this map on my room, to inspire me every day!
Book of the week, I had done with this one! It is a great motivational book :)

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