Friday, February 18, 2011

It is a little too late


Now, the clock shows 830 pm. I knew he already passed the boarding gate Huh, I am drained and frustrated. There are 2 main reasons affect me emotionally and physically.

1) I pay a visit to a nearby dentist just now. Getting amalgam stuck inside my decaying tooth, make it functions properly. But I swear I will never forget the FEEL of the injection of the needles that stuck between my gum. Allahuakbar, thats the only word I keep repeating inside my heart, hoping the pain will be swept away together with my tears . I am SCARED of denstist!!

2) The ultimate reason is I DIDNT MANAGE TO FULLFILL MY PROMISE. My twin. JJ is about to fly to aussie. Yet, we are not too close but I do appreciate him, as brother of mine. I told him I will send him, chaperone him to the INTERNATIONAL GATE, waving endlessly until he gone. Until he is nowhere to be seen. Until I am sure, he is in the right track to fly to Kangaroo Island. Until I see the smile of his face fades, as his body vanished.

But due to inevitable reasons, I am not there when he is leaving.

Dear Jerry J. Wen,

In real life, there are times when you will be on top of the world. Today you had proven the glory are yours. KLIA will be the witness of the success pathway you are about to create, the aircraft will be the witness of the destination you are about to leave your track.

Congratulation for your success, I guess this will pay YOUR hard work all this while. Be proud being a Sabahan, Be proud you are part of Kadazan, and Be proud of being called Malaysian. Now, you deserve your rewards YET be consistent in your studies. I know you are a smart boy, but don’t get too anxious or overwhelmed with the new environment. Mingle around is okay, but don’t forget your sumandak. Hahaha.. I’ll pray for you. Take care.

Till we meet again, JJ

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  1. Till then. I'll be back. This is too much. hahaha... but I appreciate it so much there sis