Thursday, February 3, 2011

filter them, girls

Filter them girls

For profit sake, media and the diet industry trying to implement standard of beauty, using air brushed flawless model representation in advertisement or health magazine, resulting women constantly fight hard to achieve the unattainable image. Thinness, Fairer skin are their main agenda.

After the exhausting moment of brain storming, our English group – Anis, me, aaron and Ros came up with this thesis statement. I am getting bored with thesis statement, but my cute English teacher constantly forced us to digest how to do them and writing the perfect thesis statement for our English essay.

Tok teacher asked my English teacher “ Didn’t you teach your student how to write thesis statement and topic sentence? I can’t find topic sentence and bla bla in their TOK essay”

My English teacher : +_+ -speechless-

Sigh, now I knew the reason behind all the never-ending exercises of thesis statement and topic statement. I bet she wished we can eat it, and never forget about it, until the rest of our life. It is unstoppable, I mean all the exercises until we can score 9/10 or perfect score for our thesis statement. Then only, I realized something


As a girl, to be honest, I would constantly check myself in front of the mirror. Whether my scarf right at its place, less acne pop up on my face, my eyes didn’t look so panda, my baju kurung didn’t too crumple, put sun block before playing sport. I bet all of the girls will do the same, if not, majority of them did. It is hard to resist the existence of mirror, or even the library windows or anything that can reflect our glimpse, as we passed them by. GIRLS. Again.

As much as we concern how we look like. We have the tendency to compare ourselves to any girls around us. Be it our best friends, our idol, the sought-after- actress who is labelled as HOT, or just the bloggers who expose their pretty face in their blog.

And when we did not meet up the establish standard, we tend to be upset. Wasting dollars in the skin product that claimed themselves that they can cure our harmless disease, and end up frustrating because the unsuccessful result. Worst than that, we are hurting ourselves inside out. Telling we are not as pretty as her, as slim as her, as fair as her.... and the never ending thought plastered in our mind.

Poor us. Back then?

What is beauty anywhere? Who judged beauty, huh? Did you put the standard of beauty in the hand of the media? or the fake pharmacist that offered the expensive “ best sold” skin products? Or in the hand of guys who tell you this body size is considerable HOT? Or to those who asked you to wear braces because of your GIGANTIC rabbit teeth?

Hahaha, girls. We are all beautiful. Allah created us with the perfect body figure and pretty face. Growing up and let go the criticism. I know it hurts to receive all the bad remarks that will engulf your inner beauty.

Let them be. Filter the negative thought. You are still pretty, and as amazing as you are in your own way. Don’t change a bit of yourself.

Bruno mars- Just the way you are. This is a wonderful song, outshine your inner beauty, because it will mould you, become who you are now.

I am not telling, not to cleanse your face, skip the moisture or your sunblock, stop applying body solution or make up. Or stop playing with colours when you are about to go out, or date. Do it, as long as it makes you happy. Do it with the intention to appreciate your body and beauty.

Because, people will appreciate your beauty if your appreciate it first. This is the main reason, why I don’t wanna wear braces, even after the BIGGEST remarks I had to face during KASUKMA (sport day). The uncivilized people, who were using dirty weapon to bring us down. I love my teeth, even it is not perfect, even I will be the first one who will be rejected if there is selection for toothpaste -model, I don’t care much. After 19 years old, my rabbit teeth are there, always there and ease my eating process. Missing tooth would be a nightmare for me.

I am grateful to have good friends, who are always by my side, and be my confident. They are perfect example of the most confident girls with their inner beauty.


And them, hotty fareeza and pretty fi

of fashionable MUNA and rocky jemmy :)

And a guy, who I think, not so handsome but he is confident in himself. I never meet him, but I can feel his aura, from his personality.

HIM, pierre andre. I am a big fan of him. ;)

SO girls, take the STANDARD OF BEAUTY back in your hands, hold it tightly. And, love yourself, J


  1. plus jemz, our english tcer was traumatized by her professor's question "Don't they teach how to make thesis statement in Malaysia?". She said she'll make sure that we all don't have to go through what she had experienced. Nice one la jemz. Encore! =)Oh I not the perfect example of one of the most confident girls with their inner beauty? Ok fine, bye

  2. ala, darling.... atiqah the best yet to come. wait a... :)