Friday, February 18, 2011

A - for a day

Today is academic day, nothing big, the list is out. We can check their names on the board, checking whether you are compulsory or not - attending the academic day. And my name is not there, I don't know whether it is a good news or not.
Some part of myself want to be in the LRC- discussing my studies with my teacher. Talking heart to heart, listening to suggestion and potential improvement method. But, yeah obviously

The priority will be those, who came with parents. Hahahaha, obviously my parents could not be here. At this time. Suddenly, I felt homesick, seeing people chaperoned by their parents. Laughing with each other, teasing, making fun ........
Yah, not now. Mom is getting better alhamdulilah, but her left ear is dysfunction. I don't know why.

The another part of me, just want to spend my Saturday by cooking the CHEMISTRY books, and eat it. Love chemistry, yay!

And, I saw lala and his mom. He is scrappy (like Dalilah said ) but his mom is quite fashionable. I wonder if I ever have a chance to hey to him - or his mom. Duh!

The moment I went to DS (dining hall), I saw him and his mom, sitting right beside the female sink-(hand-washer). I swear, my heart rate is so fast, and using Physiological theory -it explains my heart might had sent wavelength to lala. He is just an inch beside me, when I was washing my hands.

Looking down, I am thinking what happen in the future. Will I ever see him again? Will I ever had the chance to stalk him from distance while eating in dining hall. Will I?

You will not, JAM.
I should forget him, before the time forcing me to do that.

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