Saturday, February 5, 2011

6 goals, 6 Balls!

6 goals, 6 Balls!

After taking some time, I wish to change the title to “ 6 rings and 6 basketballs”. J

Today is the last day for the KMB-ian students to have a last blast break. Obviously, tomorrow is Monday, which means official class will start at 8 am while students still in mode holiday blanketed with Monday Blues. The transaction mode really annoyed the teachers. They are so motivated to teach, while the students are demotivated to learn. Excuse me, most of the students. Ehem( clear throat) hahha

For the year 2’s, we have less than 3 months to go. But some still struggle finishing and editing their EEs, generate critical thinking to write TOK essays, searching for a new title for RE-DO TOK presentation, LAB Reports and some non- study oriented thingy. Yet, everyone knew that we are running out of time, but nothing can be done to make it stop ticking. Even if we can, the time will not succumb to us, it will still pass by, leaving us far behind.

So, there is actually 6 balls I wanna share with the readers,( if they are reading), on how to tackle the last minute syllabus. Bear in mind, I wasn’t a great student, but I got this from my friend’s sister who is currently studying in UK. I am not saying she is the best achiever to share the ingredients of success, but who knows it might help you. And sorry, some of the tips are blended with my personal perspective. Enjoy!

1)MALAY A1 - Read a lot of good articles such as Dewan Sastera, see the style of the writing and practise to write it.

2)English HL/ SL – Okay, I am not great enough for English, but I would say read a lot. Again! Magazines and song lyrics helped me a lot in improvise my vocabulary but not my grammar or sentence structure. While some might find Readers Digest is useful, I rather feel it boring because it is too lengthy. Useful tips, read any English materials that you find interesting. In writing essay, you should know better of yourself. I am more likely to choose essay which is semi formal, because I cannot bear with formality. Even if I can, but not as good as crapping in semi formal- such as diary or movie review.hahha. In paper 1, especially the hard-to-understand text C, it is recommended for you to google for classic short stories. Familiarize yourself with Classic English words to further strengthen your vocabulary.

3 (a)Biology HL – She said “ Read slowly and digest the correct term. It is advisable for you, to write notes before IRP session. I usually read 1 whole chapter, and based on the assessment statement, I would write my own notes with no or little reference from the IB Biology books. Later on, check the missing information and read the answer scheme from IB Question Banks. IB study guide help me memorize them faster, but your notes should be complete and better than it. It is easy to see whether you are excellent in memorizing or not, by re-telling your friend the whole concept. If you get it right, then you are mastered the concept. Bravo.

3(b)PHYSICS HL – sorry. No idea.

4) Chemistry HL – She said “As for chemistry, it is a bunch of concepts that you should master. Unlike BIO, it is not the matter of memorizing because the questions might cover almost 1/3 elements from the periodic table. What you really need to do, is a reliable book, for example IB Text Book,( with assessment statement), a periodic table and read the examples. Ask your teacher if you are blur or misunderstood the concept. Write a good note, and refer the answer from question banks. Especially for paper 3, the questions are repetitive in every year.

5) Mathematics SL/HL - The unspoken subject. Do exercise within the right amount of time. See the teacher, have a good note based on the syllabus outline and EXERCISE, EXERCISE, EXERCISE.

For Science Social subject :

6(a)*Business& Management SL – Case study and concept.

6(b)*Economy SL – Graph.

6(c)* ITGS – General Knowledge.

“Nothing ever great ever achieved without DETERMINATION”- I read this on the magnetic sticker of Sharifah Nadirah’s locker. This is indeed true, if you really want something, put as much effort as you can. Even some might say, SEM 3 result is a disaster, and the unfinished work is a burden, it will never too late, to do something about it.

There is a senior of KMB, who always got below 30 for her exams. And she always be a target for remark as a ‘weak student’. While you can show off your exams result which stated “ good or excellent” result. She won’t show hers, because words like “SATISFACTORY and even MEDIOCRE” are there. But she is strong, with the never ending effort and absolutely from ALLAH’s help, she managed to 36 in final exam. She is currently doing medic in Czech Republic, and the “A” achiever for most of her subjects.

“Allah, won’t test you (human) beyond their capabilities”

Remember “ See the opportunities in every difficulties ,( Insyirah )

Apart from that, have a beauty sleep and good exercise. It promotes blood circulation in your brain while rest help to restoration of memory. Pray to Allah, read Qor’an, and believe everything will be fine. InsyALLAH.

So, in our final tournament in May 2011, we have 6 balls to be thrown, or to be kicked, to be tapped, or what so over skill you have, as long as, you hit your GOAL! C'est la vie'. Good luck all.

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