Friday, July 1, 2011

You can go only as far as you think you can ( Part 1)

Every day, like a jobless person, I would wake up at 11 am and sometimes I missed my suboh prayer. Thus, I ending up qada’ my solah when it is nearly zohor. Shame on me. I know.

But today, I wake up so early and I didn’t sleep after my suboh prayer. Like usual, I login into my facebook account, twitter and reading some of colleagues blog.

So majority of my friends continue counting days before the result come out. So do the IBians around the world who took their exams on May 2011. The real result will come out on 6th July 2011, GMT 12, which equivalent to 9pm local time in Malaysia. And I’m freaking nervous. I am. It is not like SPM, where I excel in trial MARA, where the only subject haunted me in my dream was ADDITIONAL MATHEMATICS, which later on leave me a big smile looking at my an A1 in my SPM slip.

But it was a golden history. Getting into KMB is a new life, new challenges and new resolution. I am in the same college with the best students from Sarawak, from Kedah, from Sabah, and lots of the people are super smart. And they are proficiency in English language. I realized their English is one level higher than mine, so I just pull off my socks, and did everything I need to improve my English. Well, in a new environment people are told to be well adapted, or die. You need to learn or you would not be able to communicate well, to make friends or to lead an organization. Some remarks I got like

“You have a heavy accent. You really need to work on it” or

“You have a good English but your accent interfere my judgement towards your language section. But as I know you are from there (Sabah), so it is not fair to minus your mark. ( Oral session). And end up I got the highest oral mark 27/30. Alhamdulilah.

Even in MOCK (trial) interview, where the English Man ( I forgot his name) who interviewed me, left my butterflies in my stomach but it turned out to be so much fun. He supposed to read my personal statement and commented on it. I laughed at how he pronounced Kota kinabalu as “ketaaaa kinaaablueeeeee” . He went further asking about torpedo, where I put as my greatest achievement in science field, where we ( Karl Kus, Nelisa Ameera, Hisyam and Fadzrin) won the first prize, after spending few weeks on the lab carried out the project. And sometimes we went back to hostel at 2am, (: it was an awesome memory, thank you guys.

Funny though, and I got A- for it ( mock interview). I’m ecstatic.

So, I learn and learn. And I adore some of my beloved friends like Afiqah Moghni, Syed Hadi ‘Arief, Fareeza, Nadhirah Kahar , Atiqah Azmi,Bessima, Bella (this is my senior) , Esther and Jeniffer. Some of them were from my former school like Nelisa, hazim,Vilzan and Johan Malik. They have very good English, and I like how they put the words together and make it rhythms. They might not realized that they played major role in inspiring me to write better essays.

Oh yeah and I am a big fan of seventeen magazines, and a bunch of thank you to the editor and her crews for putting the great articles where I usually pick up vocabulary and updates my ideas from it. But the problem about being a magazine reader is your grammar will be haywire. Seriously, my English teacher will never forget to write something like

“Brush up your grammar, jemz” or “ Interesting, but be careful with your grammar” at the bottom of my essays. Yeah. I should.

And I know, it is time to speak up. But among Malays, sometimes we are too lazy to speak in English if we are not in the academic classes. We are comfort just let Bahasa lingers around our daily conversations. That is the reason why, I always stay in Esther and Jennifer’s room. We use English in our daily conversation, mainly because Esther is Chinese from Sabah and Jen is mix Chinese Sarawakian. Thank you for letting me in and help me improve my speaking part and also being my proof reader (especially for TOK). But honestly, I will laugh my *** out if I heard them spoke in Malay. Poor them. Sorry, they are sooo cute and adorable. And their accent too.

Secondly, staying in their room really inspired me. Both are them are robot! Hahaha, they really really study hard. I feel so motivated watching them reading, surfing for good articles and doing revision. No wonder they got an Honor roll for every single bloody semester in Kmb. I never had one, but I never give up. I am studyholic too, do call me nerd. But I feel bad if I didn’t flip academic book for a day, even when it was a holiday. I remembered Fareeza (my sayang- my neighbour) upset seeing me reading in her room. HAHAHA. Plus the never-ending- assignment made me who I am in KMB.

My greatest achievement in KMB was 33, and I need a 36 to fly to my Ire(dream)land. So far yet so close.

Back in MRSM, I never doubt I can make it. Score 3.5 every semester and entitled “Anugerah Penghormatan Pengetua” is not tough, not really hard. I studied a lot, and alhamdulilah I got it. But college is not gonna be the same. If I am not mistaken, I was the 170th scorer out of 300++ last semester. I just a normal student, but I never lose my faith. Maybe my redz (reziki) are meant for the future achievements. And I believe, IB did change me, a lot. Making me closer to my Creator, and put my solely believe in Him. Not because my efforts. Not because the great teachers ( even they are really great). Not because efficient discussion with IRP mates. But because of Allah, the Only One who helps me in studies.


  1. you beat me in cambridge.. thats an acheivement by miles if you ask me..