Friday, July 29, 2011


Sigh. Not a good first line to start with. Sometimes the pain is too unbearable and at last you just wanna let it down, pour it in words, just to make yourself feel better. Or at least, you tried.

For the past few years , you believe you can be the owner of the 'best selling' book. The one that everyone keep talking about, because the characters are too real, the plot wont let you down and the subtle words can touch or punch your heart. Not soon enough, you are told you can't have that book. because you didn't measure up to what the book owner hoped for.

Sigh. In my case, you been given a new book instead . Wrap with a clear plastic, where you can actually read through the synopsis at the back. Cursing under your breath, this is the last book you wish you can have. You lied. They say don't judge a book by its cover, I say don't judge a book by its wrapper. It maybe not as clear as it seems. I hate the fact I didn't have much choice, but to accept, this book.

Dealing with uncertainty is never easy. What if I really love the story? What if the first chapter annoyed me? What if I can't digest the content,? What if it was a mistake but what if ? STOP!

It's killing me. Why don't I wait, until the time come. and slash the plastic with a blade, carefully not to damage the cover. And read up. And let experience speaks the rest.


  1. sayang, be patience.. i'm sure there's hikmahs in everything that Allah have decided for us. smile la skit :D
    and me too can't wait to open up the wrapper too... we'll do it togather ok?

  2. Thanks love. Hahha, Im smiling tho' :) There is always silver lining in every cloud. Lets fly together, and share the high , the anxious and the fall, of course - together (: