Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Sun, Moon

And there is a peace knowing that all things that turn into dead ends for a concrete reason.

Easy said than done. I know. She hurts. If only I have courage to tell her everything, anything , I would. But nothing that came out of my lips can comfort her. Absolutely nothing.

How it felt being left out in the dark after you are told than the sunset is not exist. Black pitch, until you cannot see even a single soul. Wailing, screaming and running in a single breath. You are not blind, your heart is. And you wonder if only you can find a way to escape.

Like the broken glasses, you can actually see the shattered on the floor. Your heart is broken, and you can hear it. Numerous questions endlessly popped up in your mind.

What had I done?

What is my fault?

Why he did that to me?

Is he still loves me?

And the voice in your head won’t stop. It occupies almost all the capacity of your brain, whenever the memory bleak out. It is so clear, even after your hands are tight over your ears, even after you want it to stop immediately. It can’t.

Dear friend, look up. The sky is seems wider and the stars are starting to come out. The shine from the moon is not blistering hot, like the sun do. Allah has arranges everything perfectly for you and I am convinced it is a puzzle. For you to grow smarter each day and solve it at the end of the day. (:

How I know? Because I had been there.