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for Junior Kolej Mara Banting ( 2011)

Junior Kolej Mara Banting ( 2011)

Okayy, atas permintaan one of my teachers, MR. Axxxx so, I come up with this guidelines.

Ketahuilah bahawa your teacher sangat prihatin terhadap his students, especially for bdk2 mrsm Tun Abdul Razak, Pahang. So this is not really guidelines, but something to look up for, especially for those yang interested/eager/excited or maybe have no idea, what the heck is IB and where the heck is KMB. Even if you had google walkthrough, well maybe you just need some details or explanation, here and there. So keep reading on,

Where is KOLEJ MARA BANTING @ kmb?

Basically just google it. You will find it much more easier rather than followed the map given along with the offer letter. But, the map is pretty okay I think, unless you can't read it, (like me) ask better person to analyze it for you. And 1 more thing, it is not located in Banting, but nearby a Government clinic of Bukit Changgang.

What is IB ?

International Baccalaureate. If you brag about you're getting into IB school to any local students, your mak cik, pak cik, ckgu sekolah lama, MOSTLY will asked you back,

" What is IB?" haha, don't worry. It is a fact that Malaysian rarely known what is IB stands for or whether it is a good level , until you replied

" IB just like A level" YES. Then only they will nod and plaster a smile on their face! My point is, don't bragged about IB, because not many people knew about it. Both are good courses indeed, but IB takes you in a longer route, I mean you have to finish your diploma within 2 years, while I think most A level students finish theirs in one year, isn't it? I think so.


Majority of the students are taking MEDICINE, followed by ENGINEERING, Biotechnology and dentistry. But in 2011, one class of ikthisas being introduced. I don't really know much about it, but I heard they learnt environmental science instead of Bio/Chem/Phy.

Luckily, during my time all the JPA students had been destined to go abroad to UK for all courses. But started with my junior-time, all the medicine and dentistry- JPA students are bound to Ireland. While the rest still bound with UK. I think it is pretty safe for them, because they do not need to compete for placement, which a struggle for all the non-JPA students, including me. But Im not sure for Petronas scholar.


Take note, you are required to take 6 subjects, 3 Higher levels and 3 standard levels which you will be learnt in 2 years in KMB. The real IB exam, ( which will determine whether you can get into university or not) will be held at the end of 2 years. So basically it is just like SPM or O level, where you need to learn from A to Z, then only you sit for the real exam. Bad news, you cant escape, because there will be a semester exam every 6 months, just like ordinary college or U in Malaysia. And trial exam @ Mock IB will be held 1 week before the real IB.

1) Language A1

Regardless of what course are you in, you are compulsory to take Language A1. Language A1 is a subject of your mother tongue. Aha, you need to learn Malay A1 SL. Jangan ingat nak pergi oversea, x belajar Malay. You are completely wrong. But I would say it is an opportunity for you to unleash your potential in literature. Yup. You only learn SASTERA.

2) Language B

Okay, you are compulsory to learn English HL for medicine and biotechnology students while for engineering student you need to take English SL. But if any of the engineering students interested of taking English HL, it should all right!

3) Pure Mathematics

Okay, all the engineering students are compulsory to take Mathematics HL while non-engineering students can choose whether to take Mathematics SL or HL.

4) Biology HL / Physics HL

For engineering students, you are compulsory to take Physics HL. So, the non-engineering students including dentistry, biotechnology and medicine are compulsory to take Biology HL .

5) Chemistry HL

All students regardless of their courses are compulsory to take CHEMISTRY HL.

6) Social Science subject

You are free to choose one of these subject, either Business and Management, Economics or Integrated Technology and System. All is only available in SL level.

So, for example, if you are medicine student, your subjects will be

Malay SL, English HL, Math SL/HL , Biology HL, Chemistry HL and Business/Econs/ITGS SL.

Enough right, 3 HL and 3 SL, or if you are risk taker go ahead with 4HL and 2 SL.

Grading/ Band

So, if last time A+++++ is the highest grade you can score, then you can assume it will be equivalent to a " 7 ". So A will be a "6". And 5,4,3,...1. To be honest teacher won't expect you to get A "7" because "6" is actually good enough. But if you can get a " 7 " , it is a bonus! Personally, I only got 7 twice ( excluding the IB exam) for all the semester exams in KMB. To get honour roll @ bdk mrsm called it "penghormatan pengetua", you need to get 36.

So, 6 subjects x 7 = 42. But later on you will be introduced with EE ( just like mini thesis ) and TOK essay which contribute to bonus 3 points. So the real score for IB is 42 + 3 = 45.


This is the most controversional issue especially for non-JPA students. You have choices to choose which country you prefer to go abroad to, including IRELAND ( for medicine and dentistry) , Twinning Ireland - 2 and 1/2 in Ireland and 2 and 1/2 in Malaysia, United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, Canada ( for engineering and Biotech only), Czech republic, India and Malaysia. Its a complicated story to tell but one thing for sure, you need to be excellent in semester exam and pass the interview to get the your dream country.

I guess thats all from now. All this information is based on my experience in kmb. Now Im waiting for my IB result, pray for me, okay!

Any enquirers, you are welcome to ask. Thank you.


  1. HL? SL? wat is tat?

    FYI ITGS = Information Technology in Global Society
    ESS = Enviromental System in Society (

  2. aso dunt 4get Nottingham University
    Newcastle University
    Southampton University
    and more overseas universities in Malaysia..... and sponsored by MARA

  3. HL is higher level, SL is standard level. You need to take 3 HL subjects and 3 SL subjects.

    Correction : " ITGS = Information Technology in Global Society " Thanks!
    ESS is for my junior I think, none at my time. sorry for the ignorance, I wrote this based on own experience livin' in that college. and yes, MARA sends some medic students to Newcastle Uni which is fixed,( you can't really escape from that regardless of your result). I know some of them passed IB up to 40 points, yet they need to stay. Southampton uni, and the rest local unis in Malaysia errr provided non-medic course, like engineering and biotech. I know little bout it, thats why I'm not including it here. Thanks.

  4. oh and uh we the new castle med school student who worked hard for a point of 38 and above only to be sent to Johor while those only score barely 35 can go to NZ and Ireland. Mara is doing bullshit's not fair for all ib students.

  5. Hello there credits to yr post. It really helps :)
    How about the trnsportation at KMB? I mean like is there any KTM station nearby or something??

  6. Hello there! sorry for being ignorant. I'm quite bz. No,I don't think KTM is available around KMB. I'm not pretty sure about that sorry!

  7. what's the minimum ib score you must get to entitle you for a place in any of the foreign uni?

  8. hye jemz, sorry ter read your blog and i thought if replying to the person above's question. hope you dont mind :)

    there is two requirements that you need to worry of actually, one is MARA and the second one is the uni's. in the case of your preferred course choice, for medic, it is usually around 35-40 IB points depending on the uni, while MARA requires you to get at least 35 for them to continue sponsoring you for your tertiary education in foreign countries.hope that helps :)

  9. =.- sorry i was having exam last weeks, hihi thx fats :)

    1. I simply have one question. I know this might sound like a Standard 1 question to you. Considering I am 17 this year, how do you get into Kolej Mara Banting? I am a bit ignorant if not careless about these things. Is it a pathway after SPM or what? If so, how do I apply or is it open to only MARA students?

  10. hey, this is me. Actually you have to get straight (9A's during my time) minus EST. Malay, English, Add Math, Physic, Bio, Chemistry, Pend. Islam/Moral, Sej,Mathematics, if you want to pursue for medicine.For Eng/Biotech I'm not quite sure. erm, last time, I had to apply via online. Then, I being called for an interview. Thank God, I passed the interview and they sent me to KMB. so, yeah it is up to them where they will put you, causesome of my friends got into the different colleges.

  11. A-level is also 2 years, just so you know

  12. Yah, and some of them take 1 and half year.

  13. Boleh cite psal students yg amik economics? Ape subjek yg saye kne amik? And boleh ke tukar course dkat KMB? Tq

  14. if x lepas interview even result is good enough macam mana? kena stay kat Malaysia ke for degree?

  15. Hey,this is my email :
    So, just email your enquiries. I'm no longer here.
    I'm glad to help you :)