Wednesday, June 15, 2011

plus plus plus

H O T hot H O T hot H O T

Okay. Tell them I am coming home. Hahaha, I’m here ( KK ) since 9/6/11. Nothing much to be updated, just I’m looking forward to gain weight. Even my BMI is pretty normal, 19.5 if I am not mistaken, but still I need to put up some fat to wrap my skeletal structure. :D

To be true, I was impressed with Lena a.k.a Christina Milan, the captain of Malibu Dream Team in Bring in on 2. She is hot! Smoking hot!!! People should see her dance, the way she did the magic with the gentle movement. Her hips, and lips are way perfect. Since I was child, I had this interest in Latin American, they are like super duper gorgeous and their accent, are adorable. I prefer black than the white girl. And yes I am talking about the girls. Don’t get me wrong, I am straight. I like boys too, like other normal girls. hahahahha.

I can see myself in Lena, she is stubborn. She didn’t care much about people, unless they touch the wrong point. And reminder, don’t mess with her cheerleading squat and the game itself. I can feel she loves cheerleading as much as I love volleyball. Well, maybe we can relate the characters in any story if they were/are related to ourselves, aren’t we?. And this is another thing that bugging me. Will there any space for me to play volleyball later? Can I really adapt in the new environment and join them? I am not so sure. But I already plant in my mind, if I dare to dream, I should be able to make it real. Jemz, you wanna be an International Volleyball player? Then you will do anything to make it come true, HIT IT!

So come back to the real story, I had plan some activities to make sure I gain weight in this 3 months holiday. First, I need a balance diet. Thanks a lot to HerbaLife. Now, I consume the Herbalife Aloevera liquid to clean up my digestive system, the tea mix to detoxify unwanted substances off my body, F3 soy to increase my appetite and F1 for just nice nutrition for my body. 2ndly, I will cycle around _________ km back and forth from my house, Malawa Court and Taman Setia, where my aunt lives. And usually, I come over my aunt’s house for a tea. Hahahaha, I really need to be careful because I am riding on the highway, which is the main road for other vehicles too. SAFETY FIRST. I know!

The first arrow : my aunt's house

The 2nd arrow : my house

My passion : Volleyball

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