Saturday, March 12, 2011

Where the heart is?

Home, Yup.

Kota Kinabalu, exactly!

Last night was an awesome journey I ever had.

Who said 9A and 9B (seat in flight) have nothing in common?. It was an honest mistake, when I accidentally took a wrong seat. Fortunately, ah moi (a Chinese girl) beside me did the same mistake.

Quickly, both of us move forward after the steward asked for my boarding pass, and pointed at our real seat. And that is how our friendship started.

Apparently, “the girl” is a music teacher. And guess what, she is way younger than her real age! I even had mistaken her for a degree student.

The skin colour might be different, so do our culture. But the point of intersection we can note between us, is WE LOVE SABAH so much, even though her hometown is in Penang.

Some people thought that Sabah is a state which the people are left behind from the fast moving urbanization. The technology is slowly develop, if there existing of skyscraper or mall or shopping complex is way toooo good for state like Sabah. And the people are not really civilized, and uneducated. That is the typical perception being thrown every time people mention about Sabah. Worst than that, “ Sabahan still live in the tree house? Like having a small hut on the tree branch? Like Tarzan and Jane?

Last time I would curse those people right away for their narrow-minded thought. But I won’t do that now. I would just stare and plaster a smile on my face. I had been travelling quite sometimes, and I had been in most state in Malaysia. And people, do the talking after you done with travelling.

Even KK is not as big as KL, I am proud being a Sabahan, it is not intention to brag about how amazing Sabah is, but sometimes I can’t stand on “those” people.

The fresh air

The clear crystal sea

Manukan Island, Sipadan Island and Tunku Abdul Rahman Island

Mount Kinabalu

The freezing moment in Ranau and Kundasang

The community which blend together regardless of your race

is nowhere to be found but in Sabah.

p/s Christine, do contact me soon.

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  1. roti jam roti jam!!!!finally i get in to your blog!!!!XD...
    how's life roti jam?
    are you still in kk or already at kl?im just touch ground in singapore...without any further onlilne and search for your blog!haha..