Tuesday, March 8, 2011

When the day starts with the ticking of rain droplets..

It is raining. Yes. Life is a challenge. Yes.

For the past 3 days, I couldn't wake up at 3 am as usual. I end up looking shockingly at my mobile phone, when it states 6.00am. Aiyoooo

Chemistry HL. Vague, I guess. Once Sha passed the paper to me, I feel like carry the weight of the world. Sigh, I was too shy to even looked at Sir F. I know how he felt to mark our class’s paper. The unspoken language in his eyes told me that he is way too disappointed with our result, mine is not an exception.

Yesterday was a long day, and I was too tired. Emotionally drained. I don’t understand why sometimes people can’t get things done in a more subtle way. Hell, I am not making excuses yet please be considerate. There are things can be settled via slow talk. Do listen to explanation. The bullets from wailing, yelling or even worst, the cursing stab my heart. Honestly speaking, it hurted me. You did it. Thanks for that.

And the last part was the legend-fun paper ever, sitting for Math Paper 2. Need to say more?

Today is a different day, the sunshine brighten my morning. Singing happily, I accidently met LALA at coop. Oh My, I was walking ( with Dinie) in front of HIM. Panic attacking myself, did my combination colour of baju kurung and scarf is matching?, Did my eye bag is too obvious?, how about my pale skin colour?. Sigh. Typical girl.

Smile plastered widely on my face until I reached at M09U. This is the moment where Sha blurted out the “ things”.

“ Jem, did you know LALA....... last night..........”.

Hahahahaha, kantoi.

Why? Pojie is there, popping his ears to our conservation. Girls-conservation. Well, he is always there when we ( girls) talking about girly stuff. Yap, girly stuff including the latest shawl, cardigan or fashion, hottest movies, Beastly, or Too phat with the rapping session, and B. Don’t get this wrong, we are not the drama-all-the-time group. No mocking, no bad talking, no miming others and we won’t even care what you guys are doing, unless people step beyond our ermmmm the line, I guess.

And Pojie always have the sixth sense, being a lucky guy who held the key to most of our ultimate “secret”. Dush, it’s pojie by the way.

In the afternoon, is when I realized that my mind tricked me, (by telling how easy the Paper 1 Math the other day) and the result was AAAAAHHHHHHH.

It is bitter- SWEET.


But, English paper never fails to make me ecstatic. Alhamdulilah. Ironically, when you thought you wee doing bad in your exam, it turns out to be ermmm the excellent one. I never expect to get that relatively ‘high’ mark for essay paper 1, since Miss N did not split anything regarding the test. The moment we know that we have to do an essay-real-exam question was when she stepped up inside our class. As expected everyone was about to do the jaw-dropping act. We are not prepared, mentally and physically.

Note to myself :

Expect the unexpected.

You will never kn0w when Allah want to fulfil your request/dream/ or ambition. Be grateful, for want you have now.

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