Saturday, March 5, 2011

Paralyzing thought

When you had actually left all the mess behind, sometimes it comes back in a motion. Playing it all over again like a tape in your mind and you are actually trying hard to push the ‘STOP’ button, and then you realize that you ain’t dreaming. Looking from the window – your very own eyes, caught the glimpse of the real figure standing across the building. REAL PERSON.

Hey you. Not literally said it.

Funny enough, I bid HEY TO GOODBYE.

If your upbeat attitude once caught my heart in. And the respect you successfully gained long time ago. It doesn’t mean everything is going to be fine now. Cause it was only there, and only then.

Like what I had mention to BELLA,

“I suggest you (he) leave. I'm the only one who remembers why you were withdrew at the first place”

NO more us, not now, nor never. Let’s not do it again.

And worry no more, I won’t let the LOVE shut down. No, I am not that cold, sad person. But I had the final nail for your coffin, making sure that you will be buried deep down. In a place called my HEART. BYE.

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