Friday, March 18, 2011

my daughter

If i have a daughter, I'll call her

- Alexandria
- Qamariah

If I have a son, I'll call him ....


Venue : In the car
Time : Cold damn morning, it had being rained last night.

Me : Mama, when did mama had relationship with abah?

Mama : When I was 16, and abah was 2o++....

Me : Mama, when did you marry abah?

Mama : When I was 22, and abah was 29. A bachelor of 30, at that time surely will be laughed at, if they are still not settled down.

Me : Oh, you are soooo young.


Me : Mama, I like this guy. But I know he never like me. (laugh)

Mama : Why? ( plastic smile)

Me : I just know it. But we never talk. He is the type of guy who never made an effort to talk to any stranger (boys are exception)

Mama : Okay. Take care.

I guess mama is speechless.
Fuh, and he is the first guy, I had mentioned "name" to mama. Even his name is rather empty,as though it had detached itself from him. *Wink wink wink*

" I believe in fairy tale. We don't need to talk too often, or seeing each other too soon, as long as I know who will be the prince. But will you be the one?"

I don't have the answer (yet)

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