Sunday, March 13, 2011

feel like dying

Yesterday was a tough day.

Not once, nor twice but three times, I went to toilet.
And expel everything in my stomach.

Rice,milo, euuuuhhhh, name it. All the food that I thought being well digested were force to leave my body. Vomiting non stop for the past few hours.

Trust me, it was suffocated. :'(

Funny part was when I got treatment from the nearby clinic. And the doctor was about to explain about

" ...well, you got gastritis. Ermm, our stomach will continuously produce HCL. If there is no food inside, then your lining of stomach....."

Yeah, I was about to interrupt, actually this is the exact topic was given to me, to be presented during Biology class. Yet, I was too weak to even utter a single word.

He didn't finish yet,
" Btw, please eat according to your timetable. I knew college student like you all aaaa, love to hang up and go out around 12 am to the nearby restaurant to have your dinner. And you might undergo the unhealthy diet. "

I rolled my eyes. As big as I can. This skinny girl was executed of having an unhealthy diet.

HEllo? KMB? 12 am? Are you serious we can go out that late. And diet?
That the most exhilarating part, I even being called as dustbin by my clique. Dustbin as if, you passed any food to me. Surely, I'll finish them.

Million thanks to mama,
who send me to nearby clinic, who stay up late night just to make sure I am in good condition and cooked me those delicious porridge. I love mama!

To abah,
million thanks for being sooooo caring. I counted, it was more than 20 times, Abah back and forth from living room to my room, just to update himself with my condition. I love abah!

To Liah,
I know you hate doing the chores alone when I was around, Thanks for taking my part too. I love you sis!

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