Friday, September 2, 2011


my 'gothic' sis

p/s my mother wasn't around because she was too busy in the kitchen.

So, Ramadhan had passed. Now come, SYAWAL.

Like always, after we done with raya-prayers at the UMS mosque, we (my family and I) pay a visit to the my uncle's graveyard. Done with yassin, du'a and al fatihah, we went home.


Time flies, and soon I'll leave kota kinabalu. I had mix feeling, well I been travelling A LOT,( ALONE). So, I'm not really sure this 4hours + 1hour journey will make any difference from the others. I'm sure it will but my tongue still do not detect any flavors, my heart is still numb or I just didn't lick anything , (yet) that worth my heart to skip few beats.

I used to forget how to wake up early, line in front of the bathroom (in the hostel), wear baju kurung which doesn't require ironing and I'll run as fast as I could when the clock showed 8am.
Unfortunately, some(many)times I got caught red-handed by the warden, causing my ID to be 'hijacked' and I end up showing up late for class. No worries,teacher will still go on with the lesson which had started earlier before me , but no complaint will be attainable if filed because of losing 5% in my final exam. and even 1/2 MARK makes a BIG difference.

One more thing, for the first 2 semesters in KMB, I found it hard to adapt, to survive. My flawless skin got major damaged by the new environment, I had been quarantined for a week thanks to H1N1 virus, struggle hard enough to change my eating pattern, where I need to wait another 1 hour than usual before having my lunch (in Sabah, I had lunch at 1 pm) and of course, fever and flu. The above mention(S) gave me a pass to skip the academic class(es) . Yes, but no matter what happened, you still can find me serving the volleyball up high or dribbling the basketball on the court. or just, running around the field IN THE EVENING. (:

Ouh. 3 months had passed. Today, I need to fly to Kuala Lumpur to start another chapter of my life.

And I wonder, do the cycle really rotate? Will the old routine repeated itself?

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