Tuesday, September 27, 2011

kill the time

28th September 2011.

Time flies so fast, before I couldn’t even record all the new things I discovered in here, Belgaum, India. Well, now is almost 3 am and I didn’t feel sleepy, yet. I blame the tasty WHITE COFFEE of OldTown , which I had took for breaking my fast. That caffeine is the culprit which restraint myself from curling up on my bed.

I had just received phone call from MR. A. Looks like he is easily adapting in Liverpool, having fun time chit chatting with the girl sitting next to him. Coincidence as it seems, that the girl has exactly share the same name as him. Well, in a simpler words, they are both have the same name. The girl is an Arabian from Kuwait if I’m not mistaken. HAHAHHAHA, well if they are together (soon), the only things that differ is the title of MISS and MR. in their first name. So sweet J.

Well it is a free call actually, that being rewarded for him, as the promotion strategy to persuade him to buy the sim card. Hence the phone call doesn’t cost him much.

Regarding my study in here, it is quite different as my degree is Medical Degree (MD) and not MBBS, the most common degree in Malaysia. So, the explanation is here, in my brain, but my fingers refused to type it one by one. Maybe I can explain it later, if necessary. But basically, now I’m in nursing block. Nothing much, but I’m quite surprised by the enthusiasm showed by the lecturers. They are dedicated to give the knowledge and deliver the lectures/lessons as clear as possible. Somehow I feel like been given spoon feeding. Imagine we are just need to enter the lecture hall, then the lecturer will explain things from A to Z, he will clear up your doubt if you have any, he will do research if he can’t answer the questions and get it back to you, and you can even rewind the lesson on the website because it was recorded. Fuh!

I’m afraid the students (including me), will have the tendency to become too dependent on people soon. You can’t always depend on the people. That’s for sure.

However, I had the small talk with Frans (my senior), and she mentioned about the PBL in the 2nd year. PBL stands for Problem Based Learning , is a method of study where the student will have discussion among themselves, solve the case given, and learn new thing from the case. For example, case related ermmm MALARIA. Then they will study the factors or anything related to it. Luckily they provide the space for the students to be independent in digging new knowledge. Maybe that’s one of the reason, this system is called ‘integrated’.

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  1. kamu pun integrated jem?samaaa~ :) anyway pbl is so much fun kalau kumpulan kau best.hehe..