Friday, September 9, 2011

my $400

I went to USM ( Universiti Sains Malaysia), all by my self. It was tiring, but luckily I hop on earlier flight to Kuala Lumpur. So 0n 5th september Kota Kinabalu- Kuala Lumpur. The next day, Kuala Lumpur - Kelantan. And I took an airport taxi to the university, which cost 30 bucks.It's quite affordable.

Surprisingly, the taxi driver told me that airport taxis are not belong to any company but they themselves. So, all the profit gained will be theirs minus the fee/rent need to be paid to the airport. Wow. Imagine all the airport taxi drivers need to work under a AIRPORT TAXI company where they need to pay around MYR 70 per day, MYR 21oo per month! But in Kelantan you can cut those cost and the money is all yours. Seriously $2100 is a BIG DEAL, especially in this global downturn economy (despite of slightly increase in our currency) . It's rare to find this system in Malaysia since I only discovered in Kelantan, so far. Management wise, it is beneficial to the people of Kelantan.

Orientation days? HAHAHAHAHA. Sometimes, it is too risky to put a high expectation. I thought USM-KLE is an international programme, which should be PRESENTED/CONDUCTED in a more PROFESSIONAL way(s). Before I further hitting the keyboards, letting nasty comments appeared in the screen, just let sum it up, MANAGEMENT SUCKS. I don't think my $400 is worthy to fly off to Kelantan.

But still, they are 3 things that caught my attention,

1) Prof KJ is a deputy dean. He is a charismatic person, with the ability to persuade people with words. He knew what to talk to, in a CORRECT register, language and tone. Get what I mean? As far as I knew, an official international ceremony should be conducted fully in English (like he did), well yes, the otherwise happened in USM. Luckily, he is my savior, and his speech reminded me of my 'niat' to India, which is to gain knowledge, not only in the lecture classes but also in picking up the experience along the street, supermarket or maybe in the mosque.

2) It was a golden opportunity to get listen to Tan Sri Sidek Hassan , Ketua Setiausaha Negara ( Chief Secretary) face to face. Not really. USM utilized the IT technology, where 3 official events are conducted simultaneously, and appeared in the large screen. Just like skype.
USM have 3 branches 2 in penang , and 1 in Kelantan. The main campus is in Penang, so while Tan Sri delivered his speech in the main campus, the students from the other campus will glue their eyes on the screen, or just felt a sleep. One of the senior had captured my picture while I'm taking my siasta. grrrrr.What really matters is Tan Sri's speech entitled CHALLENGING STATUS QUO. I don't really understand what he was saying( his voice isn't that clear or maybe because of the speaker problems) but I'm so intrigued to study more of his hidden messages. In my opinion, it was like asking MALAYs/Bumiputeras, do we really deserved all the scholars/subsidies/ financial help yet we didn't put much efforts to help ourselves? I don't think I can elaborate more about it, since I didn't get a big picture of it. But I already asked PPSL ( facililtator) of USM to send me a copy of his speech. Luckily, she said she will request it from the main campus. I am agree with him, go forward, we need to think like a professional, stand with our own feets and keep moving.

3) I'm making friends with 3 normal people in my batch. Mira, Fadzrin and Faris. They are normal.

Mentality, Malay. I hope my bad impression will be gone.

Overall, my flight is postponed due to some technical problems. So, I'm going off to India tomorrow, by 10.10 pm. Still I had mix feeling. I wasn't that excited. I wasn't that sad.

p/s people do think before you talk, it is way disrespectful using your dialect and assuming everyone else will understand you.


  1. salam :)

    hi sis! have a safe journey to India. insha-Allah, Amin! :)

    hope you can write us your update once you've reached India.

    may ALLAH bless! and g'luck DR Jemz! ;))

  2. wawan, thank you (: will update soon.

  3. kesian u. erm. about the dialect. but then. be stronggg dear! =)